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Will Arnab destroy Hindus unity, by pretending to be a Right Guy?

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

The regrettable turn of events on Sabarimala issue that we have witnessed in the last few days should worry Hindus all over India, particularly at a time when the Hindus are aspiring to find a long-lasting one-time legal solution to all their woes.

Before going further into the happenings in Sabarimala I wish to bring to the reader’s notice, that the Kerala Government in last July, has amended the “Travancore Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act’ in such a manner to enable the Non-Hindus to make an entry into the respective Devosvom Board as members with full rights in decision taking of day to day Temple matters. It is not clear why the eminent legal fraternity that is fighting the case on behalf of devout Hindus and Sabarimala Devotees has failed to take note of this encroachment of non-Hindus in Hindus affairs?

Let’s come to the current events.

The events that took place following the last month Supreme Court Judgement allowing Hindu woman of all ages to enter Sabarimala Temple will have serious political, legal, social and religious repercussions. But the BJP Government at the centre was conveniently watching the war-like situation that prevailed at the hill shrine Sabarimala on 17th October 2018 under the pretence that the issue is in the state domain.

In fact, it was a sad and embarrassing moment for Hindus, when the first day of the opening of the Sabarimala temple for this season witnessed a battle like a scene, which can only be compared with Muhammad Ghazni’s invasion of Somnath Temple. This time it was Hindus pitched against Hindus. When Jallikattu protests shook the Tamil Nadu state, the PM Modi was seen personally assuring the Tamil people, that their regional cultural practices and customs would be protected ignoring the Apex court. And the BJP Government at centre and the AIADMK Government in TN were seriously deliberating the possibility of bringing into an ‘ordinance’. But in the case of Sabarimala issue, the centre maintained a stoic silence but allowing the Kerala State BJP to take advantage of the situation on its own. Let us examine why BJP at the centre remained nonchalant, regardless of the state -centre subject row.

The major set back for Hindus in Kerala was the ruling Marxist Government which is known for its anti-Hindu contempt. Though Keralites are known for their regional and community affinity beyond religion, this time the Kerala CM had behaved in a retaliation manner against his own Kerala Hindus. There are many reasons for this strange attitude of the ruling Marxist Government.

Marxists are known Hindu biters. They are well known for pampering non-Hindu minorities, even ignoring the bigotry and communal behaviour of the religious minorities. The state ruling dispensation has become hostile to Hindus sentiments on account of their commitment to political ideology. Secondly, the media’s campaign in support of the SC Ruling has further dampened the spirit of the BJP and pushed the party and the PM into further anxiety and in defensive mode. The BJP and the PM might have felt that any open support to the agitating Hindus in Kerala against the SC ruling may invite the fury of the media and the chance of getting branded as ‘misogynists’.

However they calmly allowed the local Kerala State BJP’s agitation against the SC ruling to gain politically in Kerala. So, now when Mohan Bhagwat demanding an Ordinance to clear the way to Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the same RSS, BJP and other Sangh Parivar had ignored the Sabarimala issue deliberately. So there was no talk of ‘Ordinance’ against the SC Judgement on Sabarimala ruling and not even a whisper of any review petition being filed against the SC ruling. Whatever be the Legal expert’s opinion on the matter, in contrary, there is definitely a legal way out that exist, that ought to have taken even before the Ruling was out, or at the current time by the Centre.

During Jallikattu protests last year, the protests turned anti-Modi, so the worried BJP had sent emissaries like Tarun Vijay and others to TN for a truce. They also succeeded in drafting an ordinance making legal the Jallikattu event.

BJP is weighing its option very intricately and then preferring one Hindu issue over the other Hindu issue, basing on the assessment of 2019 poll outcome.


Which TV channel is supporting the BJP and the Right cause today? The Republic TV, Times Now and the NewsX. Fine. Let me take the Republic TV and Arnab Goswami now. It is a known fact how the BJP MP Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar spent on Republic TV. Yet on many issues in the past and now on the Sabarimala Issue, Arnab has been acting “smart’. Republic TV is a media house a guild. It is not a proprietary ship concern so that Arnab’s views alone should be beamed and facts and reportage can be twisted to satisfy his ego. Since last few days, Arnab has been on a smear campaign against Hindus and Hindus image. His lies have already damaged the Hindus centuries-old image of forbearance. The problem with Arnab was he too like the Hon’ble CJ Dipak Misra did not catch the intricacy of the belief that is associated with the very Deity that is Lord Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa maintains eternal celibacy according to the legend. So, Lord Ayyappa does not wish to receive woman in age as devotees. That was Lord’s plea and this is the specialty attached with the Sabarimala.

So, what is Arnab screaming about ‘right to pray’ is denied for the woman. Is it not a deliberate twist to the whole issue and does it not appear a deliberate smear against Hindus? There are over 2 million Hindu temples in India. Half of it is in South India. But only in a couple of Temple woman’s entry is prohibited due to eccentric reasons associated with the very respective deities. As rightly pointed out, there are many Ayyappa Temples in other parts of India, where a woman can walk freely along with men. Only in Sabarimala, the restriction is in place for the reason the Lord Ayyappa after reaching Sabarimala rested himself and went in Dyana. The other Sabarimala Temples outside Sabarimala are only replicas and a place of worship for all.

Let us not forget that Arnab never claimed himself as a ‘Right Winger’. He, in fact, denied that he was a right-winger. He clearly stated that “I am pro-Indian Army, pro-Nation but not a right winger”. His smear on Sabarimala would continue till next elections and I am sure BJP would never even attempt to mend him in the interest of Hindus and Hindus cause.

Before concluding, I shall reveal why Hindus are defying SC order and preventing even a single woman entering the shrine. It’s because even if one woman in the prohibited age group gains entry into the shrine and stands before the Lord Ayyappa, the deity will be transgressed and the shrine would stand redundant for the devotees forever. This is what the Hindu antagonists wish, and that is why this protest now, even if it amounts to contempt of court technically and legally. So this is not a case like others, where the SC order is implemented in first place, then reversed after the review is allowed.

So, the situation is, the Hindus have to fend themselves against this invisible civil war that is being waged by the non-Hindus in India right now by bullying the entire system.

The latest flash news is Activist Rahul Easwar has been sent to 14 days custody, Kerala CM says “Rituals must change with time: some meant to be broken” and RSS demands an ‘Ordinance’ for Ayodhya Temple but silent on Sabarimala stalemate.

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit
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