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Shashi Tharoor arrested by Wildlife Protection team for illegally keeping protected animal in his pocket .

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In recent events, ShashiTharoor was arrested by Wildlife Protection Police Team under various criminal charges for violating norms and illegally keeping a mini jungle in his pocket.

This came into light following  his recent public appearance at an event where he was showcasing his life as a Shiv Bhakt. At a recent event, Mr. Tharoor told his audience that he was such a devout Shiv Bhakt that he always carried a small Shivling in his pocket. Some cheered loudly but some members of the audience expressed their doubts and concerns. He took out a small Shivlig key-chain and showed it everyone. Some said that carrying a small statue doesn’t mean anything.

Shashi Tharoor’s pocket zoo collection

Smiling and in his ever charming style, Mr. Tharoor replied, “I was aware that such a reaction could come, hence I will now dispel every doubt that you have about my devotion”. Then he put his hands in a pocket and took out a mini Naag. The audience gasped, some even shrieked in shock and fear. “I am such a devout Bhakt that how could I not keep Naag Devta along with Lord Shiva”. Everyone in the audience clapped in awe.

Mr Tharoor continued, this is not it. let me now reveal my utter reverence and devotion to Lord Shiva. Then from his pocket he took out a mini bull. “Nandi”. The audience was stunned. Then came a statue of Goddess Parvati. “I believe in gender equality. I am not a sexist, patriarchal devotee”. The audience rose to their feet. Then came a small lion from his pocket. “Even Goddess needs her vehicle”, Mr. Tharoor quipped.

By now the audience was elated and in disbelief. Next came a small statue of Lord Ganesha, then a small rat, then a small statue of Lord Kartikeya and then a small peacock. Everything was put on table and displayed for all.

By now, the audience was on their feet and dancing. In no time, #ShashiTharoorShivBhakt #ShashiTharoorAnimalLover started trending on twitter. People started putting pics of the various statues and mini animals all over Social Media.

One Twitter handle @HotGuysforSexyNidz tweeted “Always found this man hot, but how he is also the hottest Shiv Bhakt and sexiest animal over”.

An anonymous handle from Lahore, Pakistan with egg DP and 3 followers tweeted, “I knew this all the time, old news. LOL. BTW not just his Shivling, but also his ding ding is very miniature”. After the ever productive evening, Mr. Tharoor out all his belongings back in his pocket and went back home.

While we were yet to recover from this new revelation, came the shocking news. Wildlife Protection Police team had arrested Mr. Tharoor for various crimes such as possession and illegal confinement of endangered and protected animal and keeping the in unsafe places”such as his pocket”.

Meanwhile Congress IT cell in solidarity with their leader tweeted that they suspect hand of anti Hindu groups who was to suppress true Hindu voices. Famous semen expert Ms. Sagarika Ghose said, “As always, I maintain that its the Hindutva terrorism destroying India. First they were after humans and now they have started targeting animals as well”.

Meanwhile GreenPeace has issued a statement that they hope that the animals are being taken care of somewhere as their office has been seized under illegal FCRA violation.

We do hope , this situation comes to a logical conclusion.

Note: This post is just meant to be in jest/humor, not to hurt or malign anyone . Please take this as satire and nothing personal or serious.

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