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Reclaiming cultural identity is not antithetical to development

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Yesterday Uttar Pradesh state government announced to restore the name of city “Allahabad” to its original name “Prayagraj”. And the decision has once again given an opportunity to pseudo liberals in India to show their hatred towards Indian culture and Hinduism.

Their criticism of restoration of name is based on their as usual hollow arguments under the veil of development, secularism etc. to target the majoritarian sentiments of country. But the root cause of their frustration is the rising consciousness of masses about their cultural identity. The apologetic attitude of pseudo-liberals and marxist historians towards Indian culture and values force them to hate everything which reflect the Indian values. It has nothing to do with development. Its their colonial mentality which taught them to feel ashamed of Hinduism and projecting Hindu Gods in always negative sense. They used to see perfection in western values and want to impose them here to spread their divisive agenda.

If development would have been the case, they would have compared Yogi government performance of one year with previous state governments. But they can’t put the facts in public domain because Yogi government has done much better job than previous governments. For Example take the case of health amenities; last year Yogi government had faced a lot of wrath of media and public on death of children in BRD Medical College hospital in Gorakhpur due to Japanese encephalitis. But this death toll crashed to six deaths from 86 of last year. This was due to various measures adopted by government to tackle the problem. Hence the problem is not lack of development but the problem is unapologetic nature of Yogi Adityanath.

The another aspect of their criticism is Hindu should not ask for temple, should not demand for correction of distorted history because basic amenities are still unavailable to masses. Their argument is quite similar to the statement that “don’t feed the animals till all the humans don’t get food”. It’s not that they want development but they want to halt the process of cultural renaissance in India. They need a fractured society and masses who feel ashamed to their traditions, festivals and religious identity, so that the country remains engaged in fighting with internal issues.

Truth of the time is we need reform in all fronts. While the government is investing hugely in improving physical infrastructure and has launched several programs, we also need to improve our social  capital. We need a generation who feel proud in their tradition and culture and assert their cultural identity without being apologetic. And for this we need to reclaim our religious places, restore the names, and rewrite the history.

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