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Home Satire Global Vultures Organisation announced Order of Vulture award for Kejriwal

Global Vultures Organisation announced Order of Vulture award for Kejriwal

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Global Vultures Organization the prestigious international organization for vultures have decided to gratify the most controversial political figure from India i.e. Arvind Kejriwal with Order of Vulture award.

The president of Global Vultures Organization announced it on Sunday, the president said, “We, the Global Vultures Organization are feeling proud to announce that we are honoring India’s fine politician Arvind Kejriwal with our highest and very special civilian award, Order of Vultures”, the president added, “We have been observing Mr. Kejriwal from a long time, his style of doing politics on deads have impressed us the most, our branch in India has been constantly following Mr. kejriwal on twitter, however it gave us the report a year back which recommended that Kejriwal should be honored with Order of Vulture but we waited, our motive behind that was, we wanted to see Mr. kejriwal grow much more and today we have finally decided to honour Mr. Kejriwal with our highest civilian award i.e. Order of Vulture, before this we have felicitated few more Indian politicians but Mr. Kejriwal has been the most impressive so far, we are hopeful that India will keep on producing such gems”.

This has made Kejriwal fans really happy, they are excited and started jumping as soon as they got this news. Some of them have also claimed that they will come up with T-shirts like “I’m vulture and this is my culture“.

As expected the news hit the social media platforms, people started expressing their views by trending #VultureKejriwal , केजरी_गिद्ध_है

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also congratulated him, he simply tweeted that “Congratulations Mr Kejriwal you deserve it”.

Sources also say that Mr. Kejriwal has accepted the invitation and is supposed to leave for New York to receive the award.


Disclaimer: This is a satire article, my intentions are not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or spread rumors or bring disrepute to anyone (person, organization or an idea) living or dead.

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