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Aadhar verdict– One more feather to the crown of PM Modi to build New India

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Supreme Court granting constitutional validity for Aadhar comes as proof to the vision, mission and exemplary governance character of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Aadhar has ensured the benefit of various schemes of the government to the needy than the middleman leaching all such benefits that was happening during congress regime.

The above grand victory of the Modi government has shocked the opposition. Now the opposition are overworking on the comments of one of the judges DY Chandrachood that Aadhar bill is constitutionally invalid because it was passed as money bill.

The point of larger debate should be not about whether it was passed as money bill or not but whether the intent and purpose of Aadhar deserve constitutional status or not and finally the SC has granted constitutional validity to Aadhar.

We must understand how politics is being played out by several opposition parties for their own existence without caring the interest of our nation. The best example is the street cry of the dynast over Rafale jeopardising the internal security of our nation. The opposition stalling the upper house to block all wonderful initiatives of PM Modi from getting implemented is well known. The best example is Triple Talaq.

Every Muslim woman must remember how the congress party has behaved in Parliament with reference to Triple talaq, when they vote the next government in 2019.

Sometime to meet the good intent, short cuts need to be adopted.  When the constitutionally elected members of the upper house fail to discharge their duty to the nation and act more in partisan manner, the government has the responsibility to offer good governance, develop the country and achieve sab ka vikas therefore government must scuttle the procedure and must implement new schemes.  Such acts must be seen as necessary evil to safe guard the interest of the nation.    Even Lord Ram has to adopt such method to deal Vali, the brother of Sugriva.

Technically the intent, meaning, definition and purpose, the Aadhar bill will not lose because it was passed as money bill. That is why majority judges overthrew the dissent of the single judge and granted constitutional status to Aadhar.

Aadhar verdict has proven that Government has the right and legitimacy to introduce various schemes and initiatives and based on the larger interest and hence the court must facilitate and support the government. Whether the bill was passed as money bill or otherwise must not be seen technically alone, the politics played by the irresponsible opposition parties also must be seen while passing judgment.

The reflex response is autonomous and independent and does not take the command of brain. The reflex is must for spontaneous safety. Sometime some actions must be taken as necessary evil in larger interest.  So people of India do not see nullifying the power of unelected to offer good governance.

Governance and administration should not be seen as mere text book application of the contents but it must include the larger interest of the nation. Therefore the incumbent government has applied the larger interest of the society through Aadhar bill which was disrupted by the elected members irresponsibly. To achieve the larger interest of the society and also due to plenty of technical aspects, the bill was passed as money bill.

The constitutional validity granted by SC to Aadhar bill should not be trivialized as it was questioned by a single judge.  In democracy dissent is allowed however the view of majority shall prevail.

BJP only brought clear direction, definition and meaning to Aadhar and the congress was totally clueless about aadhar, although the concept was initiated by them.

When the world appreciates PM Modi for Aadhar and how it ensures poor people from various schemes of the Government, congress is finding it difficult to digest. Instead of being magnanimous to appreciate and work with PM Modi they are making frivolous criticism and raking up unnecessary comments to deflect the attention.

The constitutional status granted to Aadhar by SC is like yet another feather to the crown of PM Modi. People of India should recognize the fact that India is passing through a transition phase therefore they must ensure the continuation of the same government in 2019 and beyond and India should not be given to those on bail.

Development and sab ka vikas should be agenda and this Modi government alone can achieve the above.

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