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Home Opinions ‘The Great Raghul Gandhi Knowledge Fair’ in foreign soil

‘The Great Raghul Gandhi Knowledge Fair’ in foreign soil

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Ignorance is bliss. It means the ignorance of the ignorant person will not hurt him or make him unhappy because he is stupid and ignorant. Perhaps we have known, read and learned this only in our school or college while studying “On a distant prospect of Eton College” by Thomas Gray but Mr. Raghul Gandhi the saviour of the great dynasty culture in Indian politics has proved it so eloquently to the world from foreign soil.

To remain ignorant not just ignorance alone is enough but one also needs enormous courage and ability to admire own ignorance at public stage without any shame or humiliation. No political leader of India can fit into such frame so perfectly as Raghul Gandhi.

All those foreign countries that he has visited should not send back Mr. Raghul Ghandhi to India without doctoral degree for his path breaking, Nobel Prize winning theory on how unemployment has created ISIS.


The age old Sunni, Shia fights and many other historical facts the great dynast has ignored to postulate his new theory. Through his new theory he has further scoped an interpretation possible that all those unemployed youths in India might turned out be ISIS like terrorists.

Indians should uphold and be proud of Raghul Gandhi as he not told to the world that sage Valmiki only wrote Mahabharat and Ved Vysa wrote Ramayana and Ramayana is all about Pandavas and Kauravas. He is a revolutionary historian as well who can not only distort the history at ease but also can create new history and gift to the world.

The most curious fact is that after uttering such nonsense, Raghul Gandhi has kept the face of a wise teacher and was so happy and proud of his new Nobel Prize winning thesis. Wiser Raghul Gandhi becomes, greater his wits and humours which instead of entertaining others exposing his ignorance and emptiness. The amazing thing is that no one on earth has such capability like Raghul Gandhi to display the depth, contour and topography of his ignorance and shallowness to the world.


Definitely his theory of unemployment has led to the creation of ISIS must win him Nobel Prize and hope the appropriate body that grant such award must Suo motu invite him for the award.

Our Raghul Gandhi did not stop with his above thesis but he went further to equate RSS to Muslim brotherhood.  The above statement reveals that he neither knows anything about RSS nor about Muslim brother hood.

Whosoever has scripted his story board must be playing fun with him than really helping him to showcase him as a matured, wise leader of congress party. Demeaning Indian culture in foreign soil and denying the role of congress in butchering of thousands of Sikhs in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination shows nothing but his strong courage and convictions in his ignorance and how adamant he is to remain so in all times to come.


Through the body language, facial expressions and the pause given while receiving and answering the questions, Mr. Raghul Gandhi tries to present him as an extraordinarily intelligent person who would answer only after listening to the question fully. But to utter ignorance why he need to put up such show and prove his ignorance at his being level?

The question before our nation is that are we going to have such person to lead our nation or a great visionary leader par excellence, a person with high level of integrity, commitment and hard work– Modiji we should support to lead our nation in 2019.

Let Raghul Gandhi be ignorant at his personal level or as president of congress party but let us not allow his ignorance to ruin our country.

The vision of New India and Sab Ka Vikas as envisaged by Modiji should lead our country to success and glory in 2019 and beyond.

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