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Hail Thee Modicare– The Herculean task achieved by Hercules Modi govt

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The health mission initiated by Modiji is not just revolutionary but is very robust, scientifically well analysed and properly studied initiative. Defeating all the predictions of the fringe political players and the negativism spreading dynasts, surely the mission will bring a ‘health transformation’ in India.

To build a healthy nation, it is not just having more clinics, more doctors and supply of medicines in every village alone is sufficient but the last man in the country must also be educated about various hygiene measures to be followed and must be taught about the importance of keeping his surroundings and country clean. Besides that people also must have proper sanitation facility and drinking water facility, the house wife to have cooking gas supply so that they do not inhale smoke emits out from the heavy load cow dung and other organic matter to build a healthy India. Further every healthy person must be educated about how to protect his or her health instead of looking for clinics or doctor to treat the health problem when they fall ill.

The health mission of Modiji is a wonderfully crafted, well-articulated, well planned programme with great degree success with high statistical significance.

Beginning of new saga in health reform by PM Modi
Soon after Modiji became Prime Minister of India, he launched the programme called Swaach Bharat. He wanted India not just clean but every Indian must own the responsibility with pride that he or she must involve, participate and partner the mission of Swaach Bharat. Keeping India clean is important not only from the aesthetic sense but also is important to build a healthy India.

Modiji was the first leader in India to initiate this primary level sensitisation for total transformation among people soon after he assumes the office of Prime Minister of India. Swaach Bharat mission is not just to keep India clean but it is aimed at building a healthy India as well. Exclusive budgetary allocation was made to create awareness, door to door campaign, advertisement and school level promotion of the concept of Swaach Bharat.

A Herculean fete of Modiji- Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana for 10 crore poor
Several poor Indians in villages were using cow dung and other polluting materials for cooking till 2014. Nearly 1.3 million deaths are occurring every year purely due to pollutants. Further these pollutants also cause several diseases.

To achieve the goal of healthy India, Modiji soon after assumes the office of Prime Minister of India, through Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yogana scheme ensured 10 crore poor people in several villages in India get cooking gas supply. Out of the 10 crore cooking gas provided to poor people, 4 crores were given free to poor villagers. 45% of the 4 crore free cooking gas supplied were to Dalit families.

The above achievement of Modiji is an extraordinary fete and incredibly great because the cooking gas connectivity what Modiji has achieved in the last 4 years is 10 crores versus 13 crore gas connectivity in India over the last 6 decades.

Modiji alone can beat Modiji – Building 6 crore toilets
To ensure all poor people have safe sanitation facility, 6 crore toilets are built by Modiji’s government and another 2 crore toilets are set as an agenda for completion. Safe sanitation facility is extremely necessary to build a healthy India. Faecal contaminants entering our drinking water source and causing various diseases is well known therefore safe disposal of human bio-waste is very important.

A great leader par excellence, Modiji has understood the above need scientifically and that is how he has accomplished almost an impossible task just in 4 years.

Similarly the facility created by Modiji to reach save drinking water to poor people in villages is quite phenomenal.

Campaign to preserve health and unification of India
Modiji has used every opportunity to spread the message of love, brotherhood and the philosophy of one India, one election and one tax.

It is not just having wonderful treatment facilities to treat the diseases will make India healthy but the people must also be educated and made aware of how to preserve their health which is equally important to build a healthy nation. Modiji has recognized this important need and that is how he has launched YOGA.

Practicing YOGA will make people not just physically fit and perfect but indeed YOGA helps to balance the mind and body. YOGA does not have any religion, colour or caste or creed. YOGA is system of self-discipline where it teaches all necessary steps to keep the mind and body in a much disciplined state. Through this mission Modiji not only aimed at achieving healthy India but also created great employment opportunity and today we have several YOGA experts and teachers and the demand for YOGA teachers is growing steadily.

Promotion of AYUSH and why it bites from within
To further strengthen the mission of healthy India, Modiji has given aggressive push for AYUSH. AYUSH is a wonderful wellness cum paramedical system. But it did not succeed the way it was expected mostly because of cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice.

Had these AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice utilized the opportunity and popularized the wellness and paramedical values of AYUSH, the system would have gained great importance today and such awareness also would have made India healthy. But some institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice are biting the system from within and making holes in the system as a result the wonderful efforts of the government fail to meet the goal.

Need of the hour is to empower the AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice to own the system with pride and dignity and provide rich paramedical services of AYUSH to people. AYUSH has several recipes for the healthy people to remain healthy than for the sick. We should not misinterpret or make mistakes in promoting AYUSH as medical- drug based system but instead it must be popularized as paramedical-wellness system.

Crown of the Hercules – Modicare
Modiji has announced the path breaking, revolutionary health insurance scheme – Pradhan Mantry Jan Arogya Abhiyaan also known as Ayushman Bharat or National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM). The scheme will be rolled out from 25 of September 2018 and the scheme would cover up to Rs. 5 lakh per family per year in any Government or empanelled private hospitals in India.

The scheme is for poor and economically deprived people and will cover 10.74 crore beneficiary families with 50 crore citizens. The insurance would cover secondary and tertiary medical care. The scheme is absolutely a cashless program without any waiting period. All kinds of diseases are covered from day one of the policy and the benefit covers both pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Another important aspect of the scheme is that Aadhaar card is not mandatory and the prescribed ID alone is sufficient to receive the benefit. The beneficiaries of the above scheme are identified based strictly on socio-economic status/ details and all such details have been well defined for both rural and urban areas so that the benefit would go only to the genuine needy people.

When we study the details, vision, micro planning, scientific aspects of the above mission, we may wonder how the mission is conceived, articulated, planned and executed by the great leader Modiji.

India needs Modiji in 2019
What India has achieved in the last 4 years is incredible, unimaginable and boundless. Every Indian must reflect how the dynasty has ruined the country for their selfish gain and how it had impaired the development. People were kept as hostages of poverty and penury and different greedy politicians were portioning India to share power.

In 2019 India should not witness the same theatrics where several regional forces will join together to grab power and loot the country. For a prosperous, developed, super-power India, such India is possible only if Modiji come as its Prime Minister in 2019.

Start identifying and isolating all divisive and fringe forces that destroy the harmony and development of India and let the legacy of Modiji continue in 2019.

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