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Why MEA’s Sushma Swaraj is being projected as victim not passport officer Vikas Mishra

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Anyone who is active on Twitter in India these days must be familiar with the Passport Controversy that happened in Lucknow on 20th June. Now all the facts of the case are in public view, it is now clear that the only real victim in the case is the passport officer, Vikas Mishra, who was transferred for honestly doing his duty. But the electronic media and print media is projecting Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj as the victim. She went out of the way to help the couple get passports, for which the passport office subverted the basic laws of the Republic of India.

Now Twitter users are asking her questions on why this subversion of rules was allowed and why the investigation report is thrown into dustbin that raised serious issues on the documents presented by the couple. ‘Liberals’ and mainstream media are calling everyone questioning subversion of law a ‘troll’. Media is reporting that she is being trolled mercilessly for helping the ‘interfaith couple’ to get a passport and transferring the ‘bigoted’ officer. Even after police verification busting the fraud by the couple, the prevalent perception remains the same. The ‘liberals’ are commanding the narrative as always. Barka Dutt even wrote a piece in Washington post on how even India MEA is not impervious to online trolling and calling sane voices asking for accountability as snakes.

But the fact remains why are even sensible criticism in decent and civilized language is called ‘trolling’.  Users like Sonam Mahajan and Manak Gupta are a few examples of a vast majority of sensible people being called trolls. Why are these users clubbed together with a very few who got frustrated enough to use vile and uncivilized language against the minister for not speaking up on the real issue at hand?

But since then the focus has shifted from the primary victim Vikas Mishra to a virtual victim Sushma Swaraj. She hasn’t given a single response on the core case of passport controversy. But she tweeted, taking moral high ground, that a criticism in decent language is more effective.

But in reality she is only responding to tweets in foul language, and crying victim herself. With each passing moment, more and more people are getting frustrated and resorting to using uncivilized language in hope of getting a response because civilised once haven’t got a single response from her. Thus, in a sense, she is encouraging users to use such kind of language. In this process. she is becoming a bigger victim while the real victim is still paying the price for doing his duty honestly.

So, the question is why she is getting so much support from ‘liberals’ and so-called FOE warriors. Why is Vikas Mishra not getting this support? The answer is simple. In today’s time, it is more important to appear a victim than actually being one.  Why are such people clubbing the sane voices as ‘trolls’.

It is because ‘liberals’ are trying to preserve the culture of hypocrisy, which is under threat in this era of social media platform where anyone can be heard, not just a select few elites. Until the advent of social media, these ‘liberals’ use to peddle their skewed views as gospel truth and moral playgrounds and the general public had no platform to respond to those self-righteous “elites”.

But with a surge in usage of Twitter among ordinary citizens, these ‘liberals’ are being ridiculed for there biases and idiotic and skewed logic. When their hypocrisies are being unmasked, they are crying victims. They brand anyone against them as a member of ‘troll army’ unleashed on liberal voices by fundamental political parties. They cannot believe for a moment that their own ideas and rationale are so out of touch from reality and hypocritical that the general public is responding to it in unison.

Hence they are propagating this idea of a virtual victim, who is offended, hurt or abused. The so-called FOE warriors are writing op-eds against general public exercising their right to expression. And the case of Sushma Swaraj helps their agenda here.

There are conveniently ignoring the real question like Sushma Sawarji is, and pushing peoples buttons to get more reactions and sometimes out of frustration these reactions are not well versed and that further feeds their agenda. This cycle would continue and Sushma Swaraj would keep playing the victim, will never tweet about the real issue on passport controversy, that will further rile up people seeking justice and asking questions and ‘liberals’ would take vilest of those reactions and paint India’s image as an intolerant nation. All in all, the real victim, Vikas Mishra, will stay transferred doing his duty honestly paying the price for being born with a wrong surname.

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