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India to get its first Skill India University in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan government has stepped up its first step to fulfil the Skill India dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The country’s first Skill University Vasundhara Raje Government has started in Jamdoli, Jaipur. The name of this university is named ‘Institute of Leadership Development’ Skull University. The admission process has begun in the university. Students interested in skill courses can apply to the selected colleges and institutes from the state government.

The admission process has started in the university. The admission procedure will last till July 31. From 1 August, the classes will also be started in the university. The syllabus of the course has been decided by the state government. The state government has selected ten colleges and institutes in the first phase. Which will be affiliated to the ‘Institute of Leadership Development’ Skill University. Students will take courses at these colleges and institutes.

Labor and Employment Minister Jaswant Singh Yadav appreciated this move of Rajasthan Government. Jaswant Singh Yadav said, “Rajasthan government is continuously moving ahead with the dreams of India. The Vasundhara Raje government fulfilled the dream of the country’s first Skill University. First Vice-Chancellor of the country’s first Skill University, Retired IAS Officer, Lalit’s Panwar has been built. There are more than 30 courses and diplomas in the first batch of Univ.

There are major courses like fashion designing, interior designing, jewellery designing, project designing, jam jewellery, hospitality, tourism and aviation, hotel management and tourism, commuter application, air hostess, mass communication, which will be started with the first batch. A batch will have a maximum of 30 students. Significantly, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje had announced the creation of a university in the budget, which is now fully implemented. After the Rajasthan state, Haryana Government has also started Skill University.

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Introvert, Engineer, Tech Savvy, Hyper Patriot, Free Soul, News Junkie, Observer & Analyst. Interested in Politics and Technology."शठे शाठ्यम समाचरेत्"!

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