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Is Sacred Games launched under the conspiracy to reinstate the Hindu-terror narrative?

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Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao
कर्णावती से । धार्मिक । उद्यमी अभियंता । इतिहास एवं राजनीति विज्ञान का छात्र

In the entire series of ‘Sacred Games’, the plot pitches the angle of Hindu versus Muslim. Hindu Dharmaguru has been shown planning a nuclear attack in Mumbai. The Muslim community is shown as suffering and a Sikh police officer who fights for justice for Muslims and to save the Mumbai from the so-called Hindu-terrorism.

The title of each of the episodes is also taken from Hindu-mythology.

I can assure you, Its story is completely Hindu hatred, the mocking of Hindu Religious sentiments and Brahmin opposition. People of Hindu community, Hindu politicians, and Hindu spiritual Guru have been written under propaganda to defame.

The starting dialogue of this series tells the anti-Hindu sentients – “Bhagwan ko Mante Ho? Bhagwan ko L@#$$ Farak Nahi Padta.”

      1. Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde(Nawazuddin Siddiqui)’s father is a traditional Brahman who practices his life by taking alms under the tradition but under the propaganda, he is projected as a beggar. And just because of brahman’s tradition of taking alms, his wife is unhappy with him and she has the illegitimate relationship and is projected as “Randi”.
      2. DCP Parulkhar(Neeraj Kabi) has been shown to be the fake encounter of a Muslim youth. In which the entire police department is with him, except the Sikh Police Inspector Sartaj Singh(Saif Ali Khan).
      3. Under their propaganda, Bunty(Jatin Sarna), who is a Ramayana devotee, has been projected as the cause of the riots of Hindu-Muslim. Gaitonde used a dialogue for him: “Duniya ki Gang Me Hindu-Muslim wala Aag Vahi Lagaya Sala”
      4. Bunty’s sister has been shown as a mistress of a Muslim young man. In a dialogue, Bunty asks his sister “Kya Tu In Muslim Logo ke Chakkar Me Padi Hai. Khada bhi Hota hai Uska? Then Bunty’s Sister Answers that ‘Etna Gahra Andar Jata Hai na Tera Hath bhi Na Pahunche.”  Here Bunty’s sister intentionally insulting Hindu boy Bunty over Muslim boy. “Tera(Hindu) Hath bhi Na Pahunche.”
      5. Bipin Bhosle(Girish Kulkarni), who is a Hindu leader, has been shown to win his first election with the help of Gaitonde to riot among Hindus and Muslims.
      6. To tell the Hindu community’s thinking at Babri demolition, the mother of a Hindu victim boy has been told to Gaitonde “Mujhe Paisa Nahi Chahiye. Tum Hijde(Hindu) Mard Bano aur Ek Hindu Ke Badle 10 Musalmano Ko Marne Ke Liye Kah Do”. Under the anti-Hindu propaganda, they tried to convey a message that only Hindu community had hate against the Muslim community.
      7. Here the story of Ramayana has also been messed up. In a scene of Ramlila, when Laxman fainted in battle, Hanuman brought a cold-drink instead of Sanjeevani and Ram used that cold-drinks to rescue Laxman.
      8. Gaitonde’s wife Subhadra used to illustrate the Ramayana for provoking to kill the Muslims and to smash fire in their settlements.
      9. Trivedi(Chittaranjan Tripathy) gives a definition of Bharat using Mahabharata parable – “Virya Ki Varsha Se bana Varsh” – Bharat-Varsh
      10. Even the end of the story, together with the Hindu leader and police department, the planning of a nuclear attack in Mumbai is done by Hindu Dharma Guru(Pankaj Tripathi)!  Here, Hindu leader Bipin Bhosle used to say “Aapne to Etihas Me Yah Tak Nahi Padha Ki Ham(Hindu) Duniya Ki Sabse Shantipriya Sabhyta Hain. Hamne Kabhi Pahla Var Nahi Kiya. Aur Is Bar Bhi Nahi Karenge. Lekin Agar Var Hua to Ham Chup Bhi Nahi Rah Sakte. Hame Taiyar Rahna Hai.”

Believe me, after seeing the series, you will realize that ‘Sacred Games’ has been launched on Netflix under the conspiracy to revive the theory of ‘Hindu-terrorism’ and to blame the image of Hindu community.

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Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao
कर्णावती से । धार्मिक । उद्यमी अभियंता । इतिहास एवं राजनीति विज्ञान का छात्र
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