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5 ways to combat totalitarianism

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The world today recognises the hundreds of millions of victims of communism.

In the 20th century, Marxism emerged as the single biggest threat to humanity and it’s way of life. The oppressive, inhuman regimes guiding Marxism were described as totalitarian.

For several decades of the 20th century, intellectuals all over the world upheld the oppressive regimes by whitewashing their crimes. India has the misfortune to be one of the last places in the world where this ideology still has significant backing among the class of ivory tower intellectuals.

Monotheistic ideologies of the Abrahamic faiths have also had the tendency to impose their worldview and beliefs on the rest of the world. The Pope, representative of the largest monotheism, admitted that both his church and Islam share the idea of conquest.

Hindus all over the world have been one of the major targets of attack by the triple threat of marxist, mullah and missionary. All three ideologies have had devastating effects on the lives of Hindus. The peaceful and pluralistic way of life of Hinduism has been repeatedly interfered with and disrupted. In places like Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus have faced continuous religious persecution and ethnic cleansing.

To combat these ideologies, the following strategies can be followed:

  1. Intellectual arena: Writing and reading books, articles and pamphlets. Publishing of popular videos, podcasts and other digital media. Conducting debates, seminars, lectures and courses. The internet has become the best avenue to fight the battle for the mind.
  2. Legal battles: Many discriminatory laws exist to persecute Hindus in violation of fundamental rights offered to all citizens by the constitution. These have to be legally challenged and overthrown.
  3. Physical fitness: In order to be taken seriously, one needs to be physically fit and agile. Swami Vivekananda emphasised the importance of physical fitness by quoting the Upanishadic statement “nayamatma balahinena labhyah“: the self cannot be realized by the physically weak.
  4. Social arena: Community festivals and yagnas need to be organised and celebrated. These events form the basis of a free dharmic society. Temples need to once again become the center of Hindu life. Legal battles need to fought to free temples from the clutches of corrupt bureaucrats and politicians.
  5. Institutions: It has to be first accepted that the academia, the media and the bureaucracy in India and the west are permanently damaged institutions. These institutions have make their livelihood by defaming and destroying indigenous Hindu cultures. The way to fight the totalitarian establishment is to not play the game on their terms. Hindus should build and promote alternative media and institutions that expose the charlatanry of the enemies of dharma.

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