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Bollywood: the place belongs to hypocrites

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Although Bollywood always have been place of hypocrites, but in recent times through its attention-seeking antics on crucial issues, it is making mockery of itself. I have tried to list out few examples, which clearly reflects their agenda and narrow, self-centered approach.

Hypocrisy 1 – Have you seen any Hollywood actor talking in Spanish or Chinese? But you always find actors of Hindi film industry talking in English at every other occasion except at screen. They earn their bread from Hindi, but felt ashamed in speaking Hindi at public places. This is one of the most significant irritant in Hindi cinema actors and in this aspect they should learn from regional cinema actors.

Hypocrisy 2 – In general, actors seems to be the largest synthesizers for animal life and their extra-large love appears at time of  Diwali, Holi and other Hindu festivals. But it disappear during other occasions and at the time when their godfather gets jail for killing of critically endangered animal. As the whole world witnessed their outrage recently when they even questioned judiciary for sentence to their Mai–Baap Salman Khan.

Hypocrisy 3 – Crime and Bollywood. Karim Morani is a producer facing charges of rape, son of Mahesh Bhatt had connections with terrorist Hadely, Sooraj Pancholi is facing the charges of killing his girlfriend, but we found no campaign against these people and no #MeToo campaign. And many more incidents like these come out at regular intervals, but we never found Javed Akhtar tweeting about these, although he questions the intelligence of NIA and High Court in cases of national importance.

Hypocrisy 4 – One thing common I found in all these celebrities about their opinion is that terrorism and crime has no religion. But one rape case happens (although its very unfortunate, and it should be condemned) and they started maligning temple and country. These are the people who never use Hindustan word, but to show anger against rape they used words like “Hindustan” and “Dev sthan”. It  clearly shows their agenda and hate against majority religion of this nation. Was it necessary to use these uncommon words to show outrage or was it a planned agenda?

Hypocrisy 5 – The actresses who does not feel shame on dancing  on songs  like “main to tanduri murgi hoon yaar Gatkale saiyan alcohol se oh yeah/Gross objectification of women body” and “sidhe andar aao raza” and when they talk about women empowerment, irony feels like it should die now.

There are many more such incidents, but these are some prolific ones and clearly shows their hatred  and reduces their credibility in public eyes. Hope they understood the anger of common people against their selective outrage and  could earn some respect.

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