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What lies ahead for Chidambaram senior?

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P Chidambaram, arguably the second most powerful person after Gandhis during UPA years seems to be in big trouble. His son is already in CBI custody and multiple attempts to derail the investigation have yielded zero results for him so far. CBI and ED have already convinced the court that they have a strong case against Karti. Every one knows if Karti was accepting bribes or favours from corporate it was only on behalf of his father.

So what lies ahead for Chidambaram Sr. he already has haters withing congress against him, the Finance ministry officials have already shared many details of his dealings with CBI and ED as per media reports. Chidambaram senior is not finding enough support from his own party as many think the case can no longer be defended.

What does all this lead to? Sr. chidambaram may become an embarrassment to his own party and they will conveniently walk away, his son may get a long time in and out of jail, he himself may be subjected to various enquiries and may even get arrested. Chances are low that he will get any public office any time soon.

All this may make his situation similar to Lalu prasad and family, some or the other member of family will be facing enquiry and the family might have to keep moving to court regularly to seek bail for some one or the other in family.

All said and done it seems like very difficult times ahead for Chidambaram and family.

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