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Unemployment in India- A real feel

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Anshuman Singh 40 years India

Unemployment describes a state of strained opportunities for money making, thus maintaining one’s livelihood hard and tough. Indian unemployment as a whole, combines the lagging opportunities both in public sector and private sector, in a manner, we can understand it in terms of the government opportunities and the private companies opportunities. Jobs pertaining to construction, IT, consumer goods, transport, banking, insurance, retail and much more constitutes 99% of the total employment opportunity of India.

While thinking as an unemployed perspective, undoubtedly, India is undergoing a radical employment condition. Most of our newcomers and experienced professional as well as labor force are under a great pressure to get and save a job. There is a strange climate in and around the national canvass built up where chances of uncertainty mounted and the employment creators kept on silence. A positive move, an active engine, the fullness have wiped out and an emptiness, a gap, a loneliness have turned up. Unanimously, it is said that a stable and insightful regulatory authority which is none other than the government is the catalyst of a nation’s economic appetite where lies the GDP, growth rate, sectoral growth, inflation, employment and overall development.

Witnessing the post- 2014 economic framework of the Indian government, it has been observed that the government has focused on certain policies to equip the masses to uplift them. Some lip-loving initiatives are Jandhan Yojna, rail travel insurance, cooking gas and rural electrification, Aadhar etc. We should not indulge in the success or failure of these schemes but in the meantime, employment is overlooked altogether. In fact, the government altered its direction and opted for second important priority over first priority. It was well explained that population had been growing by leaps and bounds burdening the governments to impart on skills so that they could match the specific requirement. Similarly, it was the government response to drive the industrial growth to create max jobs, but they didn’t. Likewise, attracting real and longtime foreign investment by creating an environment should be the focus but they went for something else.

In this regard, it is unfair not to discuss Demonetization and GST. As I perceived demo and GST were the order of the time if these were done properly but without doing proper research we implemented it like an order of some autocrat. As soon as demo launched, the life of the nation changed its course. Small, medium and big, individuals to enterprises rushed to banks and looked for options to convert black money into white. Work stopped or at least severely jolted. Everybody indulged in speculations irrespective of maintaining the pace of the life, the output stumbled heavily resulting in job loss and shut down.

The second shot was GST implementation; it was as if someone beating a beaten. The entire system was being squeaked, and people became clueless. Many were shut down operations fostering unemployment more severe and deadly. Still, our government is fine and winning elections.

In the nutshell, unemployment condition in India is abundantly clamping and turned deadly. It’s not merely the world economic scenario which is improving day by day but our priorities also where instigators to employment are being suppressed. If the government will not take care of the situation, the economy of our country will be drowned by those to whom once they believed their own.

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Anshuman Singh 40 years India
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