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Today in history: First official cricket test match played

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Rohit Dhyani
Media maven, creative thinker, traveler, foodie, independent-minded person, non-conformist, free-spirited. Observer, Explorer, Senior Correspondent, Writer, Nature Lover.

From the beginning of human civilization, the Games had made its place in the society. Different games are born in different corners of the world. Cricket started in England at the beginning of the 16th century. Although there is no solid evidence of this, it is also recognized that it started at the beginning of the 14th century. The first official cricket test match game was played in Melbourne, Australia on 15-19 March 1877. Australia won by 45 runs.

The game that came to India from England touched the new heights of popularity. When an Indian star cricketer retired, it seemed as if there was a star broken from the sky.

In the history of Test cricket, Alfred Shaw of England bowled the first ball. Charles Bannerman of Australia faced this ball and also made the first century. Bannerman scored 18 fours in this match and scored 165 runs. The banners were out, but they had to return to the pavilion after the injury. England bowler George Joliet’s ball hit one of his fingers and he had to come back from the pitch. Bannerman’s score of 165 is the highest score of Test cricket for seven years. In 1884, the record was broken by Billy Murdoch with a double hundred.

There is much interesting information related to the first test. There was no time limit for this test match. Both teams had to play two innings. Regardless of how long it will take for it. Australia’s Billy Midwinder took 5 wickets for the first time in Test cricket. This was followed by England’s Alfred Shaw five and Tom Kandall of Australia won seven wickets.

Australia decided to bat first before winning the toss in this match. In the first innings, Australia scored 245 runs with the help of Bannerman’s Century. In reply, England’s team was dismissed for 196 runs.

Although Bannerman did not run in the second innings of Australia and the whole team was out for 104 runs. In the second innings, England had to score just 153 runs to win, but the whole team was out by 108 runs. The first Test match was played for four days.

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Rohit Dhyani
Media maven, creative thinker, traveler, foodie, independent-minded person, non-conformist, free-spirited. Observer, Explorer, Senior Correspondent, Writer, Nature Lover.

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