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Professors held hostages, violent protests; Should we be worried about JNU?

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Gagan Bhatt
Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes

JNU administration recently introduced a new attendance system, which is not really new for students except for some universities like JNU. The administration has decided to make 75% attendance mandatory and students which won’t have attendance recorded 75% or more would be expelled or a strict procedure would be followed. This happens to be a very normal procedure in every university, college or school.

Govt. ITIs, Educational Institutes, Colleges, Polytechnic Institutes, this procedure in normal everywhere. But due to some Godly reason, this mandatory attendance system wasn’t introduced in JNU till now.

Now, late but finally when the administration have taken this matter seriously because students were attending more protests than lectures, and those who wanted to study weren’t allowed to study because some students wanted the classes not to run in the name of their protest were ruining futures of those who joined the university to really do something about their life and not be there for 17 years and chant “Bharat tere tukde honge”. The Tukde Tukde gang is creating the ruckus in the university protesting against the mandatory rule of “attending classes” which must have been the first reason to join the university.

Jawahar Lal Nehru University is being held hostage by some goons, who think it’s their right not to attend classes and waste the Taxpayers money for 17 years straight. Student’s who are willing to study and being allowed to study. Professors, Lecturers are being harassed in the university campus. But no liberal outrage is to be seen. Those who were defending the “Tukde Tukde Gang” saying they are just students, their freedom of expression must be respected, all those humane souls, activists, journalists have been hiding somewhere.

No Prime Time debate is being conducted on this harassment of Professors by the students, everyone is looking away.

One may think, what is their motive? here is my opinion:

They just don’t want to attend classes because after being there so long they have learned that they don’t have any sort of special talent and their only scope is to live on Taxpayers money and waste their lives like this. They don’t want to pass or leave the university either. (Kidding)

These devotees of communism are trying to create an image that government is silencing their freedom of expression by making them attend classes their motive is not just creating ruckus in JNU, they want this fire to spread all over the country and create a nationwide student revolution, which is not going to happen because not every student is a student devotee of communism and in most universities they would have been expelled for such things, if not jailed. This whole protest is politically motivated to change the perception of the present government which is more popular with youngsters than any other government India ever had. Their only target is to turn youth against the government.

Should the government intervene?

I don’t think so if Govt. intervenes in this case, those activists, journalists, liberals would come out of their caves like hungry wolfs and put more fuel to this fire, making this a national issue. which could end up misleading the whole youth.Let the university administration and police take care of the matter.

Should the University administration take back its decision?

No, that would be giving up to the fools and goons who are trying to rule the University at the expense of taxpayers money. Plus it would also send a signal that students can pressurize the university in any manner, no matter if its bad or good. Good administration sticks to its decision, no matter how hard it is to apply the decision.

Should we be worried about JNU being hostage to such situations?

I am not a JNU student, I never went there but one thing I am sure about is that it’s not happening for the first time. It’s only that this time it’s being politicized against the BJP Govt. it’s being given so much importance. JNU have survived before it would survive now. We must stop making heroes or villains out of JNU students, just let them be, don’t give them the importance and unnecessary footage everywhere. We already made a fool into a celebrity.

We must learn from our mistakes.

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Gagan Bhatt
Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes
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