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Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi from a steadfast supporter

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Dear Pradhanmantri ji,

I have been a steadfast supporter of your government and the Bharatiya Janata Party since you were elected with a thumping majority four years ago. Sick of the insidious policy paralysis and corruption that plagued our country, I saw (and still) a beacon of hope in your administration. Since then, I have vociferously defended you when I perceived your actions to be in the greater national interest. Today, however, I write out of disappointment over the ineptitude of our government and its investigative agencies to hold flagrantly corrupt individuals accountable for their crimes.

The recent Punjab National Bank scandal has shocked the conscience of our country, that has experienced corruption on numerous instances and forms over the course of the last decade. And yet, this time felt especially egregious, given the fact that the accused may never see the insides of an Indian courtroom. This, after defrauding one of our largest public sector banks in what appears to a premeditated heist of unprecedented magnitude. It also follows a series of other high profile fugitive absconders the likes of whom continue to enjoy their ill gotten gains without facing any repercussions whatsoever. Meanwhile, our government and country reals from the effects of NPAs piling up and wrecking havoc across major PSBs. 

I was thoroughly disappointed to see members of your party attempting to deflect blame for this crisis to your predecessors. We have all acknowledged that the UPA was an insidious swamp of mismanagement and corruption. We have also voted them out of power nearly four years ago and tasked you with the fate of our country. Deflecting blame while politically expedient, does nothing to bring these cowards to justice. Nor does it bring back the billions of misappropriated public funds that will most likely have to be written off. It doesn’t excuse the brazenness shown in the aftermath of this crime by its perpetrators. What message do we want to send our own citizens and the world? Come, hoodwink our banks, launder our money and face no repercussions after laundering thousands of crores just as long as you fly out of the country before we can get to you? Surely not.

Sir, I write to you today, because I believe that your intentions align with those of the honest citizens that have been wronged by these crimes. In a country where 270 million citizens live under the poverty line, it is morally repugnant to see such criminal misallocation of funds going unpunished. In this monumental fight against corruption, I humbly ask you to fight for us as you were voted to do 4 years ago. Lead the charge sir, the country will follow you as it has before.

Yours Sincerely,

A concerned citizen.

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