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Why I think BJP will win Gujarat elections

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Gujarat assembly election was and is always remain in limelight than other state of India. Since 2002, Gujarat Election is not only making impact in India, but many countries in the world also look at with strategic interest.

Our great liberals & MSM call Gujarat as “Hindu Laboratory” as people of Gujarat rejected the so-called secularism and chose real development oriented administration of BJP.

The 2017 election is also bound to make an impact on India. Main reasons are : Home state of Prime Minister + 20 years BJP rule + GST + Demonetization + Patidar Anamat Andolan.

All Election related discussions are happening around these topics only.

Let us see how these work on ground level.

Home State of PM

Obviously, Gujarat takes proud of Modi as Chief Minister for 12 years and today also we Gujaratis are proud that a person from grassroot level elected as PM is from Gujarat.

Gujarat never thought about his caste, education, personal life (although there is nothing more than his marriage related matter), his status in BJP. Gujarat simply voted Modi for his dedication to work for the people of Gujarat, his work ethics and his “measurable & visible performance”.

Among last two elections, 2007 election was nothing but a single man fighting with all corrupt force within party, government and opposition. Modi himself traveled all the corner of state, far remote villages in a specially made vehicle. Modi was one man show in 2007 election and fought against all odds. People believed him and chose him.

Last one in 2012 was easy because, for Gujarat it was not “election of CM” but “election for PM”. No one ever thought that a CM of state would have been so popular and made impact on entire country, BJP almost forced to declare him as PM candidate. He worked and left with such high performance standards that succeeding CMs struggled to meet those.

There is large section of people who take pride in “Aapdo Modi”, will defiantly vote for “Modi only”…yes “Modi only”. Such a faith on him that people don’t see who is CM but have blind faith like: “Modi will take care of state as PM also”.


Team Congress is crying high and showing Anti-incumbency against BJP.

Is there any such reason with people at large for anti-incumbency? Electricity? Roads/infrastructure? Water? Law and Order? Corruption?

Completion of Narmada Dam, water up to Kuchh & Saurastra, Visible progress in Sauni Yojana,  24 hr power supply, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana, best road network & many projects are under construction, potable water via pipe to home in more than 95% villages and recently inaugurated Dahej-Ghogha Ferry services – these are few projects which directly benefit to everyone. People are happy with “Home+water+power+roads” and enjoying benefits of all these.

Law and order is in control. In fact, it is Congress + allies who want to make it unstable via caste politics in recent time.

Unlike many other states, there is not a single corruption charge against BJP in 20 years which made any CM to face court trial or resign. One single most reason people continue to vote for BJP is clean administration of 20 years, which Gujaratis didn’t see in any other state and even at central government till 2014. I feel there is no strong anti-incumbency factor against BJP.

In fact, people have anti-incumbency against Congress for their massive scam and for them having treated Gujarat as “untouchable state”. Forget about any development related work, Congress never talked any good about Gujarat.


GST is favorite topic of everyone. One can give a day long lecture on how businesses that used to make fortunes before GST, now start making losses. Too much return filling and documentations and what not are provided as examples of that.

Congress & Rahul Gandhi particularly have choosen GST to defame PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi can’t make any speech without mention of GST. Local newspapers and even national newspapers also print big headline with inputs from “falana & dimka community” of politician + expert + businessman.

Rahul Gandhi chose Surat as favorite picnic spot for GST blabber. He visited textile market & diamond polishing unit to cry about GST.

What Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know is, the nature of diamond business is different than other commodities. Up to a level, diamonds are being traded without any bill, on a piece of paper, and one can still do it. No one can force any normal diamond traders for GST enrollment. In other words, the business has its own set of system that run of “faith only”. When there no “Bill”, where do one need GST?

What these people don’t tell is, unlike earlier, there is no tax authority for harassment since GST is rolled out. Sales Tax inspector, Service Tax inspector, Excise inspector… all are gone. Corruption and “ease of doing business amount” that businesses used to pay are no more now. Nexus of Tax Consultant-Tax authorities which used to harass & blackmail businesses is almost out of business. There is no “Malai” available. No politician can make call to GST authorities to guard fraud businessman and say “jane do, mera wala he” as all transaction has to be put online.

Also people are seeing how Modi government listen to them and make changes in GST to further make it Good and Simple Tax. The dream of Rahul Gandhi to reap benefit of GST in election will not succeed.


Another favorite topic to bash PM Modi. Don’t want to write about financial benefit of “notebandhi”, but let’s see social angle.

Common man welcomed it with big heart. First time people realized promise of PM Modi about fight against black money. Although everyone felt some or other difficulties, but supported it.

People were happy as some of their rich relatives who never ever helped them, called them and ask for help. “khata ma jagya che?? (do your account has limit to deposit?)” was most asked question on phone and “atyare vapro, pachi nirate aapjo (you can spend now, return later)” was popular offer. it was such a dream golden time for lower middle class and poor people. First time they got “reorganization” from rich class. People will never forget it.

In general business, people used the currency to made due payment and repaid borrowing. Most of old due payment were made clear in “cash businesses”. Almost all small business had “settled” their old due and rebooted business with new India.

Truth is large section of people believe that  PM Modi will do second “notebandhi” of 2000 & 500 currency note soon, and waiting for that.

Patidar Anamat Andolan

Congress & team tried every topic to en-cash vote, but their maximum stake is on Patidar Anamat Andolan. Congress is batting heavily on it. BJP Chief Amit Shah rightly said that Congress has “outsourced” Gujarat Election.

But again, Congress failed here also. Congress doing it like “losing gambler plays double”. One needs to understand my Patidar community in detail to check the effect of this ‘andolan’.

Patidars – mainly Kadva & Lauva Patel – have strong hold in Gujarat. Patidar community is well know for business – Diamond, Textile, Construction, farming, engineering. Patidars have succeeded in almost every section of businesses.

It is not only business, Patidars are first to show social maturity and self-correction within community. 10-12 years back the two main castes – Kadva & Leuva patel- united as one and removed caste barrier within community and become one as Patidar.

One can find many successful Patidar businessmen not even high school pass-out, who have built schools / colleges / hospitals for community. Many patidars migrated from small villages and built big business in towns. This success stories are without any caste reservation or any help from government.

When it comes to reservation system, not only Patidar, but many communities in country are giving thought on it. Since few years, the demand for re-look on reservation policy started on various stage and social media push further the cause.

Truly speaking, from bottom of heart, Patidars are not in favour of getting in OBC quota, but the demand is to get help for economically weaker section of All General/Open Category students is the main and sole purpose of the Aandolan. Traditionally, Patidars know that OBC reservation is evil and don’t want to be in it.

But sadly, the good cause movement is hijacked by political puppet and the entire movement lost its direction and purpose.

Those who have seen Ahmadabad or Surat Patidar rallies, can see banner like – “This andolan is not for 2 rupee kilo rice or wheat, but for the future generation” and “Say No to Caste Based Reservation”. This only shown intention of Patidars.

Look at below pictures of Ahmedabad rally:

People themselves joined it voluntarily. It was done with micro planning by Patidar community people and many volunteers gave their efforts.

Hardik Patel and his team is not having any such capacity to organize such huge rally on their “own capacity”. It was people’s movement “till that day evening”. But then what happened is known to all.

People realized that the movement was hijacked and now it’s in hand of a political ambitious “misguided youth”. People feel cheated when Hardik Patel and PAAS declare their only purpose is to defame and defeat Modi & BJP.

Media and Congress are hell bent to project Hardik Patel as “Chota Sardar” and “Leader of Patidar”. It is nothing but insult to our Sardar Patel & Patidar. Recently surfaced sex CD of Hardik Patel made people realize what he is up to.

Why Congress in not looking at history?? It was Patidar who supported Modi as CM although BJP removed Patidar stalwart Keshubapa. Even Keshubbapa & group tried every trick to defeat Modi, but patidar never look at with “Caste Pride” and supported Modi only.

During his speech on reservation, Shri Hukamdev Narayan Yadav rightly said to Congress in Loksabha – you have polluted the “kheer” and made it salty, added “salt” instead “sugar”, now asking BJP to rectify and prepare same kheer as “sweet kheer”.

Every caste should realize that it is Congress that created the reservation monster, not BJP, and if today anyone asks BJP to solve it “right here right now”, practically and socially it is not possible. Patidars know it very well. Patidar have experienced horrible caste politics and KHAM theory of Congress.

For first time since 2002, Congress is not talking anything about the Godhra riots or minorities in Gujarat. This only shows that how cunning Congress is and want to take undue advantage of caste politics.

2017 Gujarat Election is a chance for my entire Patidar community to show the nation a way — it’s time to come out of caste politics and support “Vikas”.

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