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Shame on you Devdutt Pattanaik, you are worse than the ‘liberals’

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As release date of Pamavati is coming close, Internet is getting divided into two groups. First one, who have no idea about Indian history and pride, and second group which wants to stop it’s release at any cost. I find both a bit extreme (my view), though everyone have right to express their views on any matter [Yes it’s internet age and you can be an expert without knowledge].

But there should be a limitation, a line must be drawn that no one should dare to cross. If you want everyone to understand your view, be logical and don’t start to abuse their faith. yesterday night someone who claim to be a mythologist and author named Devdutt Pattanaik decided to abuse Rajputs, Hindus, RSS and BJP while showing his support to Allaudin Khilji and Padmavati movie. This same guy was endorsed by Sonam Kapoor as representative of Hinduism earlier:

Devdutt Pattanaik was teaching everyone that getting raped and enslaved for a lifetime of sexual exploitation is better than committing suicide:

If a woman didn’t agree with his bizarre logic, he termed it “patriarchy” (oh the irony):

He then stooped lower to mock people by misrepresenting their arguments:

He even dragged great freedom fighters into his filth:

Twitter users were not in a mood to let him abuse every woman because of his sick mentality, but his answers were more idiotic than his logic.

And when people started to reply him, he started calling them ugly, rapist and killer of daughters:

And mind you that he was abusing Hindus all night long and this morning too, but not a single Liberal/Bollywood Star/ Media person tried to shut him up.

Dear liberals, you want Hindus to get abused every time and stay quiet? And my question is to Sonam Kapoor too, what do you know about Hinduism? And if your teacher are like this sick person, I want your father to take you to school again. And I am ready to pay for your school fees because Hindus are mostly kind-hearted.

My last point is that movie Padmavati will get released, and as this twitter user said it will come out clean. But liberals who are abusing Hindus and our pride, we are ashamed of you.

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