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Film Padmavati Controversy

The old BJP must take an immediate crash course from the new, Yogi Adityanath vs other BJP CMs

How UP CM Yogi Adityanath goes tough on Karni Sena goons when other BJP CMs seem clueless.

क्या भंसाली निर्दोष हैं?

करणी सेना द्वारा देश भर में इस प्रकार की हिंसा किसी भी प्रकार से उचित नहीं ठहराई जा सकती लेकिन क्या भंसाली निर्दोष हैं?

Why I want Padmavati to be banned

Movies like Padmavati, is distortion of Indian History. It is a threat to our society, here is how.

Why Queen Padmini was real, and why protests against Padmavati movie is justified

One can keep defending free speech, but what also needs to be defended is the tradition of oral history.

The politics around movie Padmavati should not erase the facts around Jauhar

The history should not be the loser in the ongoing controversy. There are some facts every Indian should know.

I am Padmavati Controversy

I am a Rajput. I am the blunted sword of Kshatriya bravery and Brahmin wisdom.

Padmavati – the movie – should not become a Waterloo for Hindus

It is time for Hindus to unite from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to reach a logical conclusion.

The double standards of Bollywood over Padmavati and freedom of speech

Bollywood's selective outrage on Padmavati, which was otherwise against the movie 'Buddha in a traffic jam'.

“Padmavati”: Leave her alone, enjoy the film

It is not about a film but what is at stake is free thinking and free expression. Can our democracy afford that?

Movie makers can’t run away from moral obligation in name of creative liberty

It can not be argued that Padmavati was a fictional figure so any liberty can be taken

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