Humanitarian crisis in Yemen due to attack by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen to smithereens, causing a precarious food situation. Yemen is the only place in the Arabian peninsula where you can farm, especially coffee. Now, the odious regime is attempting a neocolonialist idea of ethnic balkanization, thus creating unending genocidal ethnic conflict in Yemen.

Saudi-lead and US-armed military coalition’s incessant bombing has resulted in the outbreak of cholera and famine, destroying the country’s infrastructure: farms, ports, bridges, water plants, etc. and creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern times.

All of this Yemen conflict is religious, Houthis (Zaidiyyah Shias) vs Sunnis.There are two Yemeni factions supported by foreign elements-the Houthis are supported by Iran, and the Hadi-led Yemeni government (the one that is considered the legitimate Yemeni government by the UN) is supported by Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis are a Yemeni minority who decided to overthrow the Al-Qaeda supporting dictator. Saudi didn’t like having a Shia group being south of them,created the war in Yemen by trying to make the nation submit through practically genocidal mad bombing and also robbing them of their resources.

Saudi Arabia will do anything in order to distract from their own in-fighting within their royalty. The Houthis have never attempted to overthrow the Sunni majority in Yemen for centuries. They used to have their own hermit kingdom until Arab pressurized the two states to merge. Houthis never took marching orders from Iran. Anti-Iranian think tanks have tried making spurious connections between the Houthis, Zeidi Shia and Iran for a while, but never provided evidence.

Saudi Arabia’s posturing risks destabilizing Yemen. Yemen would not have faced famine if it wasn’t for a major chunk of the “outside world” deciding to unleash hell on the country.

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