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An open letter to Mallika Dua

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Dear Ms Dua,

First of all, I must admit honestly that I haven’t seen any of your work and neither i am interested in. That being said, I am huge admirer of AIB – the comedy group that you frequently work with, and regularly watch their videos though I may not agree with some of their antics or acts as you may call them. But we live in a democracy where there are disagreements, and that’s why we are world’s largest democracy and not a theocratic states like one of our close neighbours.

I have only come to know you through your brief stint of a TV show where you had an altercation with Akshay Kumar, and recently little controversy over your tweet on nepotism, which some people found odd because of you being the daughter of one of the India’s most well connected and well known journalist – Mr. Vinod Dua.

You had recently tweeted regarding nepotism in the industry you belong to. I find it foolish and highly ironic  how someone like you, who is living in the shadow of her popular father can even say that. Now don’t get me wrong me here but only I in my family know who you are, but my parents, who are in their mid-fifties, are well aware of your father’s work in the field of media. I still recollect my father watching a culinary show hosted by your father on NDTV India – ‘Zaika India Ka’ and being a huge admirer of both him and the show.

You may thump your chest saying that your father’s name got you some traction, but the rest depends on your talent, but people perhaps much more talented than you are still struggling and waiting for their first chance. Take Kapil Sharma for instance, he is a self-made man in your industry and struggled for many years before he tasted success and recognition. You on the other hand have already appeared on national television. Your Wikipedia page calls you a internet sensation, but look at the irony, I barely knew about you and your till recently, and trust me I use the internet a lot. You yourself are a product of nepotism in a way.

Now coming you to you and your father’s highly publicised altercation with Akshay Kumar. You have called his remark on you sexist and even wrote an open letter regarding it. Now funnily enough, the group that you work for AIB have a slang in their name, and who can forget about the AIB Roast. Now comedians like you giving gyaan is a bit too much to take.

You guys continuously make sexist remarks and use abusive language, but when someone questions it, you hide under the veil of Freedom of speech and expression. I guess you guys think that when abuse and sexist remarks are made in English, they are humourous, and when the same remarks are made in a “dehati” language like Hindi, they become crass, vulgar and cheap. AIB was abusing and making all sorts of crass remarks in the roast. I am sure you being an active member of the group had some creative input in that show. Why this hypocrisy? Maybe Akshay meant in a humorous and funny way like you and your colleagues do.

Please stop being a hypocrite, you are a comedian, if you can’t take a joke on yourself, why are you even in this profession.

Note : I am not in  support of Akshay Kumar nor the comments he made.

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