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Return of the liberal BJP: Influence of liberal Jamat

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  

The viral infection of ‘liberal appraisal’ is deadly. It takes its own time to spread & infect the victim but when it does it is difficult to get rid off. More strange is the victim doesn’t know he/she is under the influence of this deadly virus. It makes the person hollow from inside first & external changes comes at a latter stage. Our ministers in Modi govt is now infected by this deadly virus. And my fear is it is highly contagious & spreads fast & Mr Modi himself may come under its influence.

After Bane attacks Gotham & makes the entire city hostage.

Mayor of Gotham: “People of Gotham, you are not alone. People of Gotham have always fought evil & will do so again.”
John Blake (robin): “What does that mean?”
Gordon: “Means we are on our own.”

These lines from The Dark Knight Rises has a significance to the current situation in India particularly in Kashmir after the attack on Amarnath Yatra. Yes we are on our own.  Our Army & CRPF Jawans are alone. So are the common people who had expectations from this ‘nationalistic’ govt. What didn’t baffle me was the as usual hypocritical & diabolical statements from liberal establishment that said: ‘Terrorists attacked Amarnath Yatris to create communal tensions in India’.

The terrorists are trained & bred by Pakistanis and supported by radical elements inside our country for one purpose And one purpose only: The Destruction of India.

With AK-47 & grenades they are not here to destroy communal harmony. They are here for the destruction of India. They are here for establishing caliphate in Kashmir. What certainly surprised, saddened & angered me were the replies of our Ministers.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh continued with his ‘Kashmiriyat’ drama. I don’t know what Kashmiriyat he sees when 1000s gather to give a heroes farewell to dreaded terrorists. Where is Kashmiriyat when mosques encourage people to take part in stone pelting? Where is the Kashmiriyat when teenagers slaps and kicks CRPF Jawans?

When one of the right-wing BJP supporters urged Rajnath to act strong on terrorists his reply on twitter was confusing and frustrating for even hardcore BJP supporters. The reply by HM certainly emboldened our liberal Jamat. They were waiting for one such moment. And guess what? He earned praises from Radia famed & radical propaganda journos. The lady who asked that question was tormented in a systematic way & was forced to delete her account. 

Following the footsteps of HM was Ravi Shankar Prasad & Jitendra Singh. Jitendra Singh went on to say, “I m proud that Kashmiris have resisted militancy for last 25 years. They have preserved the composite culture of Kashmir”.

Laughable & hilarious. They resisted militancy by back stabbing and ethnic cleansing of Pandits? Or by anti India rants? No I am not saying all Kashmiris are terrorist. But the bitter & harsh truth is, a large chunk of Kashmiri population has more love for Pakistan than for India. Composite culture of Kashmir is a myth. A lie that has been circulated infinite times to convert it into truth.

On the day of the attack PM Modi tweeted “India will never be bogged down by such cowardly attacks”. Surely. But the matter of the fact is, it is his govt which is in center and in the state. Instead of condemnation and reaction when will we see ourselves in pro active mode?

Surgical strikes was in response to Uri. Destroying of Pakistani Bunkers was in response to mutilation of our Jawans in Krishnaghati sector. I have not witnessed a single incident where we have taken the initiative & gone forward with precise plan. Or is it singing tunes of ‘Kashmiriyat Jamoriyat & Insaaniyat’ our secret plan?

Are we back to the Vajpayee era where govt policies regarding Kashmir were controlled by liberal establishment? An establishment which fooled Mr. Vajpayee and made him talk with Hurriyat. Yes the same Hurriyat whose hands are dripped in bloods of Pandits. The same Geelani who considers himself more Pakistani than Indian.

Is Rajnath Singh the new Sudheendra Kulkarni of this govt? The romanticism and fascination around this pseudo ‘Kashmiriyat’ is amazingly nonsensical and ironical. Let the people die. Let our soldiers be killed. Let our police be hunted. But Kashmiriyat must be preserved. Narendra Modi must remember Vajpayee did pay a heavy price for this ‘kashmiriyat’. In addition to other mistakes of Vajpayee this Kashmiriyat was the prime reason for his frictions with RSS & local cadres.

Modi govt must understand one thing clearly: Kashmiriyat Jaamoriyat & Insaaniyat was lost long ago on cold wintry nights of 1990. It is now replaced by Islamiyaat, ‘Khalifiyat’, ‘Haivaniyat’.

BJP must accept one fact. Even with Charisma of Modi they are not going to mobilize masses & reach grassroot level without the support of RSS. Bihar election result was one such example in recent history. This is not 2004 & Modi is no Vajpayee. But he is committing some grave mistakes at a crucial time.

End the unholy alliance with PDP. PDP is more pro terrorist than even Omar Abdullah’s NC. Establish Governors rule & allow army to dictate for at least 6 months.

Why are we allowing Rohingya Muslims to settle in Jammu? Are they our responsibility? Does Modi want to be remembered as the villain who destroyed Jammu? When will he realise this blunder? They must be deported immidiately without hesitation.

Recently in his speech PM condemned the Gau Rakshaks & lynchings & gave a strong message. Good. It was needed. It brought joy to the liberal jamat. They felt their campaign #Notinmyname was the reason for PM to speak up. On the same hand it did create a backlash and it was justified.

I have never seen PM speaking for the murders of RSS workers in Kerala and Karnataka. The PM was silent on Bengal riots. Is he taking his support base for granted? Or is he trying to prove his ‘secular’ credentials by constant reference of Mahatma Gandhi while condemning selective incidents.

People voted for Mr. Modi in 2014 LS election because he offered something different. Something which the right wing was looking for.

The real establishment in this country is the liberal jamat & lutyens lobby who are trying to control the narrative & occupy the space. For last 3 years PM has kept them at bay & avoided their influence . He has resisted them from infiltrating his system. But his cabinet colleagues seems to be in a different land. Some are busy in launching books of journalists who abuse him day in day out. Some go out of their way to earn praises from the ‘liberal jamat’ even if it means angering their own support base.

Its time for Mr. Modi to wake up & take some tough stands. They may cause few discomfort even with his cabinet but that shouldn’t deter him.

Its time for him to be the ‘The Dark Knight’. We don’t need a hero. We need a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Pradhan Sevak who is not afraid to serve his countrymen. At a time when his countrymen soldiers needs him the most, Mr. Modi should make his stance clear.

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  
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