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Trump should stop acting as a ‘Global Super Cop’

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Gaurav Tyagi, the author is a logical thinking atheist. He is neither a 'bhakt' nor a 'sickular'. Gaurav has a Masters Degree in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from Netherlands and is based in China.

Donald Trump is needlessly provoking North Korea by issuing unwarranted statements besides indulging in actions directed towards Pyongyang. Warning North Korea of U.S. unilateral military action besides dispatching the nuclear powered USS Michigan Submarine to Busan, South Korea and B-1B nuclear bombers to the Korean Peninsula prove the unjustified aggression of the Americans.

There’s an old adage in English; ‘Don’t start something, you can’t finish’.

USA’s record in initiating conflicts around the world is there for everyone to see. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. In none of these wars, U.S. forces could achieve a clear-cut victory. Americans messed up smoothly functioning stable nations like Iraq, Syria, and Libya; thereby, creating further tensions/ problems.

Prior to his assassination in 2011, initiated by the U.S. led bombing campaign. Muammar Gaddafi positively transformed Libya as the country with the highest human development index, the lowest infant mortality rate and the highest life expectancy in the whole of African continent.

Due to the needless U.S. intervention, Libya became a failed state. South Libya now-a-days is dominated by Islamic state militants while, the Northern coast of Libya has turned into a hub for human migrants trafficking. Instability in the Middle East and Libya has resulted in a deluge of refugees to Europe.

European nations are bearing the brunt of U.S. military adventurism by having to deal with large waves of displaced people coming to their lands. This has created huge social and economic strains between these emigrants and the native European populations. The oft repeated excuse of U.S. in defending their regime change tactics around the world reeks strongly of hypocrisy and double standards. If U.S. is so concerned about imposing their model of democracy on the world, they should start with Middle East hereditary monarchies like Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Oman.

All these countries are close allies of U.S.A. Surprisingly, none of the aforesaid countries and members of the U.S. alliance are offering assistance and refuge to the conflict fleeing Syrians and Iraqis, inspite of them having similar religious as well as cultural background.

Why doesn’t ‘Uncle Sam’ mentor it’s, Middle East allies about democratic values, freedom and human rights? No individual or nation has the moral right to preach others about something which they themselves indulge in. U.S. possesses Nuclear weapons so, what ethical high ground and authority does it has to pressurize North Korea to abandon its nuclear program?

This is utter bullying on the part of U.S. administration. Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. He has the authority to run North Korea, the way he deems fit. U.S. is behaving like a bully by threatening North Korea. North and South Korea are perpetually ‘at each other’s throats’ but everyone knows that it’s just a show of ‘one upmanship’ between them. Neither North nor South Korea would initiate a major military action against the other.

Conducting missile tests and war exercises is just a routine affair, nothing to get ‘worked up’ about. Trump should focus on his own nation. U.S.A is grappling with grave issues of interracial tensions, unemployment and a sagging economy. There is no point in Trump neglecting his domestic priorities and start acting as a global super-cop.

The recent actions of Trump, launching Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syrian air base without any credible evidence of Assad’s involvement in the so called chemical attack and dropping the biggest bomb on Afghanistan are just meant to intimidate the world.

These are diversionary tactics of the U.S. military industry complex to divert the attention of American citizens from the issues requiring urgent attention at the domestic front. Kim Jong-un is fully capable of delivering a knock-out punch to U.S., should Trump make the mistake of military intervention in North Korea.

Trump should back off from the Korean Peninsula and abandon the doctrine of modern U.S. neo- imperialism. This has just resulted in chaos, misery, deaths and suffering, wherever U.S. has intervened.

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Gaurav Tyagi, the author is a logical thinking atheist. He is neither a 'bhakt' nor a 'sickular'. Gaurav has a Masters Degree in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from Netherlands and is based in China.
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