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The young-environmentalists

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When cities are not more than a jungle of concrete it is impossible to have aesthetic pleasure of walking through thick woods, watching spring flowers in full bloom or waking up to the singing of Bulbul. When success is being defined as having a place to hide your head in megacities the intimate relation which human had with the environment- since time immemorial- is breaking. Children are getting acquainted through books not only to the fiery tiger but the even pretty butterfly. We visit the florist shop even for a marigold which our grand-mothers offer daily to the Lord Hanuman.

Population is rising and under the soaring market price of land, the small gardens of flowers along with the habit of gardening is becoming a thing of past. The impact of market can be felt everywhere, the Amazon forest which is estimated to produce 20 per cent of total oxygen in earth’s atmosphere is being cut with alarming speed for cultivating soybeans or for conversion to grassland for raising beef cattle. It will be unfair to expect that States to do much when they are leaving the things to the market under the neo-liberal agenda which is against any type of collectivities.

To raise awareness about environment World Environment Day is being celebrated from 1973. Programmes as well as protests are being organized demanding the state for the action. But the result is far from the desired. The importance of World Environment Day will vanish and it will remain not more than a photo-op event if we concentrate only to the protest and marches neglecting the vast potential of the individual action like terrace gardening, diminishing the use of polythene etc. Many Apartments are promoting environmentalism by encouraging its members to pant marigold, rose etc. in their balcony.  Along with it gifting sapling on the birthdays is becoming a new trend.

Highlighting the importance of Terrace Gardening, Sameeksha, a Botany student, tells us, “For people who live on rented apartment, it is impossible to have a garden so the only option which left to them is to have small plants in pots made up of mud or bone-china. Terrace gardening is not only about decorating homes. You can have medicinal plants like Tulsi, Aloe-Vera, Mint etc.” Tulsi plant keeps away poisonous insects, its leaves, commonly used for the cure of common cold is also a powerful memory enhancer.  Aloe Vera can be used as antiseptic and cosmetics. Its consumption keeps sugar level under check and helps in reducing obesity.

A mass of young generation who grew learning environmentalism in their schools seems to be more concerned about the environment than their predecessors. For them carrying an eco-friendly bag is a style. It is not a difficult to tap their energy. What we need is to plan small steps which they  can take with their limited resources.

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