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How Devendra Fadanvis is trapped between ours and theirs

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It’s a sad situation in Maharashtra as the government is ready to waive off farmers loan by 31st Oct.2017 but some political parties highjacking farmers agitation to settle the score with the government especially with the chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadanvis. Some electronic channels, print media are supplying the fuel. Since the time Mr. Fadanvis sworn in as the chief minister of the state in and outside of the party leaders were trying to sabotage his image but thankfully his RSS banking helped him in coming out of all odds successfully. The major problem with the Maratha & Non-Maratha leaders with Fadanvis is that he is a Brahmin, while Maharashtra politics had been ruled & managed by Maratha community for a longer period. Fadanvis proved his metal when he was in the opposition party. He has very well studied the issues of Maharashtra &  he is a good orator. Having started his political career in Nagpur he is everytime a blue eye boy of the RSS.

From a municipal corporator to the chief minister of Maharashtra is a long journey that he traveled very successfully. After the assembly polls in 2014 where Shiv Sena & BJP contested separately, BJP got more seats than Shiv Sena so naturally, on chief minister’s post the first right was of BJP, senior leaders like Eknath Khadse, OBC leaders like Pankaja Munde & Maratha leader like Vinod Tawade thinks themselves as the Chief Minister but all said and done RSS finalized way before Devendra Fadanvis’s name as CM of Maharashtra. The tussle started from there as soon as Fadanavis’s sworn in. BJP insiders think it was demoralizing for the senior leader like Eknath Khadse. Media too added spicy stories to widen the gap. Later, Khadase landed in Bhosari land scam & Pankaja Munde in Chikki scam. Vinod Tawade fake degree issue placed him backfoot. As inside rivals finished automatically; ally party Shiv Sena tried to malign CM’s image on every corner but CM Fadanvis managed that as well.

After the Corporation elections when Fadanvis put his blood & soul in the campaign and managed 82 seats in Mumbai, Sena’s home turf, it was clear that all the unsatisfied BJP insiders, Sena leaders & some Maratha leaders of NCP -Congress joined hands to target CM for the final nail in the coffin.

Farmers agitation is due lack of rain, which is quite understandable. They are already in debt and last year when there was ample rain, the cost for their product was negligible. Due to this, farmers who took private loans, were pressured by the Sawkars and hundreds of farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra. But Fadanavis took the JalYukt Shivar Yojana on the highest priority to help the farmers for a long time.

The real issue started when Fadanvi’s dream project Mumbai Nagpur Highway work started, north & south Maharashtra politicians don’t want this project to happen so with the help of farmers they started the agitation giving it color as if the state government were snatching farmers land. Meantime loan waiver issue was also boiling up. In the both the cases, Devendra Fadanvis single-handedly managed the situation. Maratha leaders from inside and outside the party were enjoying the situation and putting fuel in the fire.

But Fadanvis managed that situation as well and announced complete loan waiver to farmers putting the deadline of 31st Oct,2017

The issue is sorted. But it is unbearable for the Non-Brahmin leaders to welcome this. They want the situation to go out of the hand & CM’s clean image to get tarnished. Their dissatisfaction led to Rasta Roko movement. They start vandalizing buses. And that is how, naturally, being head of the state, Fadanvis trapped between ours & theirs.

Farmers and their leaders should wait till 31st Oct if the chief minister don’t fulfill his promise farmers can do the agitation but can the Maratha Lobby make this happen, this is the question.

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