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Farmers' Loan

Death of the farmer vote bank

While in the case of a farmer the reform delivered double benefit but the political class faces double whammy, that of losing its captive vote bank that was dependent on its sops and secondly losing the massive income they earned as middlemen between the farmer and the consumer. Either the farmer is misinformed or wrongly instigated, otherwise it is impossible to conceive that any farmer should be actually unhappy or opposed for being given more choices, as to whom to sell their produce.

Farmers: Lifeline of our nation

PM Narendra Modi has taken several initiatives to make farmers financially strong. His commitment with actions towards making farmers income double by 2022 is quite commendable. Let’s see some of his actions on the ground.

No, Mr. Gandhi, It’s absolutely not done!

Trillions are on stake, banks could go in debt, country’s economy could sink, even then farmers would keep on committing suicide and that’s why Mr. Gandhi, it’s absolutely not done!

छत्तीसगढ़ में कांग्रेस पार्टी की जीत के कुछ प्रमुख कारण

यह चुनाव भाजपा को एक कड़वा सच सिखाकर जाएगी कि मतदाताओं की अपेक्षाएँ अब बदल चुकी हैं, या फिर ये हमेशा से ऐसी ही थीं।

Farmer distress: Causes and possible solutions

Farmers' problems makes it the news but not the causes and solution.

How Devendra Fadanvis is trapped between ours and theirs

Devendra Fadnavis' potential is challenged not only by the opposition but also by BJP's allies and BJP's insiders as well.

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