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An open letter to Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)

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Your organisational stand with reference to Gaurakshaks makes you come across as another Bhasmasur in the animal welfare/rights movement. There are many ways in which your fatuous arguments can be exposed. I’ll make just one point.

How many so called animal welfare/ rights activists have been hurt/killed by butchers/ their accomplices in India?

I can give numerous examples of employees of self-proclaimed animal welfare/ rights organisations who have physically and financially fattened on the flesh and suffering of animals. On the other hand Gaurakshaks are routinely shot at, stoned, beaten, stabbed and killed.

Just three cases:

1. Murder of Lalit Jain
2. Attempted murder of Manoj Raicha
3. Murder of Prashanth Poojary

You are hurting animals by creating this dichotomy between animal rights/ welfare movement and Gaurakshaks.

At worst Gaurakshaks are like carnist white folks (whom the movement in India treats as gods) and their brown Sepoy who agitate against the dog meat trade in Asia (just one of the countless examples of what are called “single issue campaigns”).

Gaurakshaks’ speciesism is similar to that displayed by the types of Hindi film actor Anushka Sharma your hero, who claims to be an animal lover while opposing the ban on slaughtering cow and progeny because cow flesh is someone’s food, or Tamil film actor Trisha Krishnan who is an animal lover who doesn’t oppose jallikattu, because she couldn’t stand up to her fans, and her career was more important than the interests of bulls, i.e. their right to a life free from torture– two names pulled out of the back of my head– proverbial tip of iceberg.

You are requested not to alienate masses from the animal rights/ animal welfare movement. Doing so would expose FIAPO as being a puppet of Muslims/Christians/communists out to destroy India, the world’s biggest vegetarian country that considers compassion towards animals a constitutional fundamental duty and more importantly being a gross net negative: a Bhasmasur; when it comes to animal interests.

Please note: The above is written in response to FIAPO’s newsletter dated 8 May, 2017 titled: “The Difference between Vigilantes and Animal Rights Activists 

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