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Will Dr Kumar Vishwas stand by his friend Sonu Nigam?

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NR Nigam
NR Nigam
also knwn as Shaitaan Khopdi™ , Guest writer at @fakingnews, @opindia_com, @NavbharatTimes (Hawabazi) & @timesofindia (Mocktale)

AAP leader and poet Dr Kumar Vishwas is very different from other popular AAP leaders. Twice this year he has gone against the grain and expressed views which were out of sync with other AAP leaders and official party line. First he posted a YouTube video taking on film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali for portraying Rani Padmawati romancing Alauddin Khilji. In the same video, he also urged youth to learn about India’s glorious heritage by visiting places of historical importance rather than going abroad on vacations. In another video uploaded earlier this week, he talked about importance of keeping national interest above petty politics. Both videos were received very well by people and went viral.

Shortly after posting the second video, when Dr Kumar Vishwas was busy acknowledging high acclaims from viewers, another controversy was brewing. On 17th April morning, in a series of tweets Singer Sonu Nigam complained about the noise of loudspeakers coming from religious places. Sonu Nigam started with giving the example of early morning Azaans and went on to make the similar complaint about Gurudwaras and temples also. But the liberal group specifically picked up the reference to Azaan and went on overdrive to troll him. Even a fatwa was issued by a Maulvi for shaving his head.

Why is Kumar Vishwas important here? Let me take you back to April 2015 when AAP had formed government in Delhi and were on the rise. In an AAP rally a farmer Gajender Singh was threatening to commit suicide and while doing so he accidentally lost his balance and got killed. Zee News published a video which hinted as if it was pre-planned stunt. The video seemed poorly doctored and implied as if Dr Vishwas was jokingly asking people around-‘Latak Gaya?’ (Has he hanged himself?)

Sonu Nigam took a stand on media hit job and expressed his support for Dr Vishwas by posting following tweet.

After this tweet, news came that Zee news banned Sonu Nigam and replaced him from its future albums. Dr Kumar Vishwas lost no time in applauding courage shown by Sonu Nigam and tweeted with hashtag #IStandWithSonuNigam He even challenged ‘Freedom of Expression’ warriors to come out.

A similar script is playing today but with some twist. Sonu Nigam is being attacked by liberals and fundamentalists for raising a brave issue but Dr Vishwas is not there to support his courageous friend. Forget support, Dr Vishwas even posted a sly tweet on the topic implying people are wasting our time discussing issues like ‘Azaan’ etc.

Meanwhile Sonu Nigam fought the trolls (with most RW supporting him) and gave back to them not bowing down and even outwitted the Maulvi who declared fatwa. Only after that Dr Kumar Vishwas posted some tweet which were about specific event of Sonu Nigam shaving off his head. But we are yet to see anything on the core issue from Dr Vishwas. Isn’t it the time for Dr Vishwas to stand by same Sonu Nigam who stood by him? Knowing that Dr Vishwas often dares to go against the party line, we are still hopeful that he will not desert a good and courageous friend.

By the way Sonu Nigam hasnt changed. He is the same courageous man who took a stand for Vishwas 2 years back. He is the same man who spoke up against noise and litter during Ganapati Visarjan 3 years back.

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NR Nigam
NR Nigam
also knwn as Shaitaan Khopdi™ , Guest writer at @fakingnews, @opindia_com, @NavbharatTimes (Hawabazi) & @timesofindia (Mocktale)
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