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Reasons for AAP defeat in MCD

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Yesterday the results of Municipal Corporation of Delhi was out. The results came as the big jolt for the Aam Aadmi Party which is ruling Delhi from last two years. AAP which came to power with absolute majority in 2015 could get only 48 seats out of 270 seats in MCD. Here are the reasons I see that people did not vote for them.

Politics of Confrontation

AAP came to power with lots of promises such as that of Mohalla clinics, free wi-fi, women safety, CCTV cameras etc. But instead of fulfilling their promises, AAP and its patriarch Arvind Kejriwal were in regular confrontation with Lieutenant Governor, BJP headed Central government & BJP headed MCD. Arvind Kejriwal blamed them for each and every failure of his. This did not go down well with the people of Delhi who were frustrated with his regular tantrums & arrogant & non-coperative behaviour.

Ambition and Hunger for Power

The second reason is the hunger for power in other states. After getting a huge majority Arvind kejriwal wanted to expand his party in other states too. Like that of Punjab and Goa. He also wanted to show that he is the one who can be the main opposition for BJP when Congress was at its low. For that he & his council of ministers were always busy camping out of Delhi. Even when Dengue was at it rise and people were dying, he & his ministers were not available in Delhi.

Criminal cases against MLAs


AAP came to power with promise of corruption free and crime free rule, but their own MLAs & ministers were accused of harassment, molestation, rioting, kidnapping, and forgery. Sandeep Kumar who served as SC/ST Welfare and Women and Child Welfare minister was seen in a sex tape. His another MLA Jitender Tomar who served as Law Minister was found to have a fake degree. As of 13 more MLAs have been accused of severe charges.

Negative Politics

In MCD election AAP & Kejriwal instead of showing there achievement was busy in questioning EVM’s & all sought of negativity. The last nail in coffin was the tweet which Arvind Kejriwal did just a day before polling. The tweet said


“BJP को वोट दिया तो अगले 5साल कूडा,मछर ऐसे ही रहेंगे।कल अगर आपके घर डेंगू हो जाए तो आप ख़ुद उसके ज़िम्मेदार होगे क्योंकि आपने BJP को वोट दिया”

Due to all these people were angry & frustrated with AAP & Arvind Kejriwal. They wanted to teach them a lesson and what could have been better then these MCD polls. I would say that still AAP & Kejriwal have 3 yrs time to redeem themself  should come out of there arrogance  and should work for development & welfare of Delhi.

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