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Is Omar Abdullah trying to raise sympathy for stone-pelters or spreading hatred for CRPF Jawans?

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April 14, 2017: A part footage of a video that was shared by Omar Abdullah on Twitter goes viral on social media. The video consists of a stone-pelter being tied to the bonnet of an army vehicle, while they were passing through a village in time when the by-poll elections were happening.

Reality:  The video whichis  said to be from Kashmir, is from Kashmir’s Budgam sector. The footage is from 9th April, the broadband connections were restored today after which the video was released, confirmed sources. The reason behind this type of act was: the polling team, which was there for the elections of by-poll was cornered by a mob of about 400 people, who were in an intention to set the team on fire. But, Army’s quick response team arrived the area in time and handled the situation. To resist any firing and hostility, Army took the unconventional, yet helpful step. The Army sources has also stated that since that day, no stone pelting incident has happened in that area.

The video was published to counter the video of a CRPF soldier, who was humiliated by youth in Kashmir, It is no secret how former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir has used the video to outrage the youth of the valley. While, the other side of the coin is contrasting. The Indian Army, which used such an effective idea to prevent any firing and keeping peace was being targeted by the politician who a few days ago was complaining about how PDP government reduced his security forces. Farooq Abdullah, also once the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and father of Omar Abdullah, stated that stone-pelters and militants are fighting for justice and country. The same person who opposed pelting and militancy in his tenure. It’s surprising, how lust of power can change you or show your real face.

Conclusion: The Army is asked not to use pellet guns, real guns, tear bombs. It’s no surprise for anyone if such an incident has occurred, also this technique of stopping stone pelters is indeed less harmful and more effective, something the Supreme Court and some groups wanted. It’s now time for Kashmiri youth to understand that Indian forces are their friends, not Hurriyat or separatist groups and such support to militant activities will only lead to death and destruction. Government and Supreme Court also must understand that they can’t keep restraining forces after such incidents, CRPF should also be allowed to retaliate for their defense else it effects the morale of our armed forces.

References: Major Gaurav Arya, Ravijot Singh

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