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Why I wish to live in Shivaji’s India!

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I am 90s kid. I learned what most of people of my generation learnt in school. The fact that Mughals were the greatest empire of India, Britishers gave us the gift of modern days education and innovation.

Why do I wish to live in Shivaji India?

Answer is very simple, those were the days where things were not that complicated. A Hindu rashtra which fought invaders to protect the Indian civilization. Or else we all would be either paying Jiziya or adopted the desert civilization. The enemies were well defined,”Either you are with Hindu majority or you are against it”.

This is true even now but with different context. You are “either with nation called India or you are against it”. But with recent incidents suggest we have enemies within our own house and we are nurturing them on our expenses.

These aren’t new phenomena. This seed of hatred was sown, cultivated & nurtured since or even before independence. The hatred towards Hindus has become hatred towards the nation. The incomplete work that didn’t happen during partition, because of nationalist like Sardar Patel, is still dream of many ‘breaking India’ forces.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing fingers at specific ideologies,communities. Issue is, a Hindu majority was forced to accept a secular nation even when the partition happened on religious lines. Question is, Hindus by default secular or accepting society. So, why did we need to add the word secular in constitution.

It has nothing to do with real secularism but religious appeasement for pure political gains. And it didn’t stop there. Many clauses, laws added, amendments were done to favor others over Hinduism.

For instance, the RTE Act 2009, govt controlled Hindu temples, Hindu marriage act etc. One can argue the merits & demerits of these acts but cannot deny they are biased against Hinduism.

It’s the issue of subduing native Indian culture and society into thinking that foreign or imported ideologies are superior then our own. There are books, curricular in schools colleges & academia depicting how great were the invaders who plundered our country,with very little or no mention of great native empires,nationalists.

For example, it was because of British that we made advancement in science & technologies. But if you listen to lecture of Dr. Shashi Tharoor at Oxford University in UK. This myth is busted factually. Same goes for Mughal empire. Their atrocities toward native Indians have been blanked out from our history.

The irony is that those who believe in aforementioned history are now the ruling ‘elite class’. And they have let loose the breaking India forces in almost all section of Indian society as been very well documented by Rajiv Malhotra books. The UPA govt even tried to falsely prove the existence of Hindu terrorism and they could have succeeded had Tukaram Ombley (martyr of 26/11) not nabbed one of the perpetrator Ajmal Kasab.

They were subtly working their agenda, operating clandestinely. But after 2014,things changed. Since a man took charge of India, whom the same elites hate the most. He is working on rebuilding India which these forces despise. He also trying to weed out many of such forces out of the system. And that’s where the operation of Breaking India came out in open and start acting disruptively all over the country.

The protests, sloganeering, siding with enemy, writing against Hindus, Govt and India. All are now done shamelessly and brazenly. Even apolitical, not religious Indian army and other security forces have not been spared. From calling them rapists, oppressive forces to using their kith & kins for their own agenda & motives.

Can anyone fathom the idea of Shivaji being soft on people who wanted to disintegrate his empire?

But Indian democracy gives them the opportunity or a escape clause. It’s not constitution at fault to grant such rights & freedom. It’s the issue that those rights are taken as ‘privilege’ by these elites while forgetting their civic duties. They object vigorously to anyone who wants to exercise the same rights, only because these people don’t belong to their clan as we are witnessing the recent examples of campus politics. You can’t oppose Gurmehar and on the same hand Shazia Ilmi has no right to speak her mind.

And it’s not limited to that, if you speaks in support of Hinduism, you are communal, bigoted and minority oppressors. While the elites can degrade, demean and insult Hinduism, Hindus & their beliefs as ‘alternate’ thesis or narrative. This is not even about Hinduism as religion,many from other communities who believe that culturally and by family lineage, they are Hindu or even Indian for that matter,are categorize in same bracket of communal RSS/BJP.

By the way, the word ‘secularism’ did any good for other minorities? Only for people of influence & power are the beneficiaries. The majority of them are used as vote banks or to inciting violent hatred or disruption towards government or whom they don’t agree with.

Many people think the Hindu, as a society, isn’t in danger as people trying to portray it is. Well, I too could have believed that,had facts not been consistent. The spread of Hindu society was to most of Indian peninsula,is now limited to the country of India. Even in that particular geography,many parts where Hindus have been driven out. Demography dramatically changing.

Most of the nations around the world take pride in their nativity and flaunt their religion. There are around 50 Muslim majority countries in the world, Christianity makes 1/3rd of world population. Several are Buddhist majority countries. While Hindus only are majority in India and Nepal. These are stats of world major religions.

So yes, I do wish we need a Shivaji movement now. And since India is a democracy, the only weapon we can fight with, is our votes. And that’s why 2019 is so important. Government can do it’s job if only people get involved too. A battle we all need to fight who love India and want break India forces to be defeated.

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