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An Open Letter – ‘Yes, I am a Bihari and I am a Proud Bihari’

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Subrat Saurabh
Author of Best Seller Book "Kuch Woh Pal" | Engineer | Writer | Traveller | Social Media Observer | Twitter - @ChickenBiryanii

Dear Haters,

Over last 2 days, everyone is sharing their view over “Molestation Charges on TVF Boss”.

In fact, they have not hesitated to label him a “Abuser or Rapist”.


I have seen many fake and real molestation charges. We should have Zero tolerance for sexual harassment. But it does not mean that we should defame the whole community.

My hometown is in Muzaffarpur and I have met him once last year. I am not writing this article either to defend “TVF Boss” or to “Prosecute” him.

Before you conclude anything about TVF, remember they are successful and self-made. We are living in a competitive market where everyone is accessing internet and social media and you can’t ignore the fact that they may be getting targeted.


This is a power of Social Media, within a fraction of minute you become a “Serial Abuser” from “Inspiring Entrepreneur”.

While going through those articles, it is disheartening to come across some comments on Social Media where people are abusing “Biharis” and trying to spread hatred against people from Bihar by calling it a “Typical Bihari“.

What is Typical Bihari? If you want to know Bihar, I would suggest you to at least visit it once.


Let me give you some information about “Typical Bihari“, which I am sure you have read it somewhere.

  1. Aryabhatt – We all are aware of his well-known contribution in Mathematics, It’s ZERO.
  2. Ashoka – A Greatest Emperor from Maurya Dynasty.
  3. Guru Gobind Singh – 10th Guru of Sikh religion
  4. Kunwar Singh – At the age of 80 years, he actively participated in 1857 revolt.
  5. Rajendra Prasad – Our First President of India.
  6. Jayaprakash Narayan – He was the face of JP movement
  7. Rambriksh Benipuri – He was a popular activist, Hindi writer and Novelist.
  8. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar – A Notable Poet, Freedom Fighter, Member of Parliament,
  9. Devaki Nandan Khatri – He wrote the most famous novel “Chandrakanta”

The list is too long and it’s difficult to mention everyone here. Other than this, we have also given Presidents and Prime Ministers to other countries like Mauritius and Nepal etc.

We have not only contributed in Politics, Literature, Journalism but also contributed in Art and Cinema. Some of those “Typical Bihari” are

  1. Shatrughan Sinha – He is well known as Shot gun and Bihari Babu. He has played many iconic role in Kalicharan, Vishwanath, Jaani Dushman, Dostana, Kranti, Naseeb etc.
  2. Manoj Bajpayee – From a small village near the Narkatiaganj, Manoj Bajpayee became a big star in Bollywood.
  3. Imtiaz Ali – A well-known Bollywood Director
  4. Prakash Jha – An Internationally acclaimed Bollywood director
  5. Shekhar Suman – He is King of Standup Comedy.
  6. Sanjay Mishra – A well-known Bollywood Actor.
  7. Sushant Singh Rajput -A well-known Bollywood actor.
  8. Akhilendra Mishra – A well-known Bollywood actor popularly known for his character ‘Kroor Singh”

And there are many more.

Yes, Bihar is also known for Jungle Raj and Corruption but does not mean that every Bihari is Corrupt. We have struggled a lot especially many Bihari’s had to emigrate as indentured labourers due to lack of infrastructure and Opportunity.

We have seen many Gangsters from Mumbai but We have never Label it as a “City of Gangsters”.


S Saurabh


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Subrat Saurabh
Author of Best Seller Book "Kuch Woh Pal" | Engineer | Writer | Traveller | Social Media Observer | Twitter - @ChickenBiryanii

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