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The Bin Laden moment

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The most poignant moment captured by camera must be the picture of a pensive Obama in the war room watching the Navy Seals take out Osama in Abbottabad. ‘That-one-big-moment’ when America eliminated its most hated enemy will be etched in the memory of every American, eternally. Definitely one of the ‘High-points’ of Obama’s stint at the White House.

It’s these moments that in no uncertain terms warn the enemies that they will be made to pay for their evil deeds, irrespective of how powerful they are, wherever they are, however heavily guarded they are, they will be hunted down mercilessly.

America, Israel, the Brits and Russia- to name a few are fierce in response to terror attacks that target their shores and citizens. The Zero-Tolerance policy adopted by them towards Terrorists and terror organisations gives their security forces unrestrained powers to bring justice to the perpetrators of terror. China isn’t immune to terror. It’s restive Xinjiang province is a hotbed of extremism. China deals with its homegrown terrorists with an iron fist.

The stringent anti-terror responses act as a deterrence, they may not necessarily stop Terrorists from targeting them, but the lingering fear that payback is a certainty will dampen the spirits of even hardcore Terrorists (a case in point is that of Osama Bin Laden- the wrath of the Americans forced the world’s most dreaded terrorist to go into hiding, shattering the aura of invincibility surrounding the ‘Sheikh’, he died a lonely man far away from his henchmen and area of influence).

Is ‘Bin Laden’ moment ever a possibility with India?

India has had its share of Bin Laden acolytes who are bent upon terrorizing India. Prominent among them is a man called ‘Dawood Ibrahim’, a fugitive wanted since 1993 for carrying out the Bombay serial blasts that killed almost 260 innocent people and maimed thousands. In the immediate aftermath, he fled the country and has taken up sanctuary in Pakistan. His infamous ‘D-Company’ continues to operate with impunity in India. Dawood is ISI’s blue eyed boy, he aids and abets terror groups based in Pakistan like LeT, JuD, JeM and homegrown terror organisation- the Indian Mujahedeen, to carry out strikes on Indian soil with the blessings and patronage of Pakistan.


The other India centric terror masterminds holed up in Pakistan are Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar & Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi (to name a few), they continue to plot against India, their blood lust seems insatiable.

The brazenness with which they commit crimes against India can be attributed to the carte blank support and patronage of Pakistan which arms them, trains them and finances them to achieve its vow of ‘1000 cuts’ to bleed India.

“One other factor that the Terrorists took advantage of, is India’s legacy against terrorism- INEFFECTIVE response”.
The fact that India has never retaliated seems to embolden these outfits to carry out flagrant attacks. The fear of retribution has never been instilled in them because India never sought to hunt them down. As long as they are in other countries they feel safe and Pakistan is heaven.


Pakistan a chosen land for mercenaries and missionaries of terror has been given a free unquestioned run by the international community to continue to do what it does best- Produce Terrorists.

India in the past has always opted to handle Pakistan with kid gloves. The talk of diplomatically isolating Pakistan, and the talk of creating a international consensus to address the issue of terror emanating from Pakistan and so on, fell on deaf ears. India had to act and it had to do it on its OWN.

Now, the gloves are off.
India has buried the legacy of inaction for good. India has written a new chapter on terrorism by carrying out a surgical strike. It has announced to the world that the days of playing by the rule book is history. The paradigm transition from DEFENSE to OFFENCE sends a strong message to the terrorists and their hosts that ‘hot pursuit’ isn’t a taboo to the Indian defense establishment anymore.

It’s to be seen whether India takes the new aggressive narrative a notch higher- to empower the intelligence agencies and elite forces to ‘SEEK & KILL’ , both to preempt and avenge terror attacks, to deter and blunt their morale.

The masterminds safely ensconced in safe-havens should be made to feel the heat. They must be hounded relentlessly and brought to book- Dead or Alive, wherever they are -Pakistan or Timbuktu.

India sorely needs a ‘Bin Laden’ moment, a moment when our forces strike deep within enemy territory to apprehend or eliminate the ‘Enemies of the State’, and announce to the underworld that we are part of the ‘Zero Tolerance’ club- We will come and get you.


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Writing is a hobby. Interested in politics , Foreign affairs and sports. Tweet your comments to @bobsimhan

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