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Panchatantra in modern day Rajya Sabha

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In a present day there was a jungle. There lived animals of all kind peacefully. There was a democratically elected group in jungle. A skulk of foxes grew stronger in the jungle grabbing everyone’s attention. Group of foxes is always a rare thing and is considered beautiful. Taking the advantage of this popular notion the foxes added foxes migrating from far jungles. Though the foxes grew in strength they weren’t powerful animals. And foxes knew it well. So the skulk started showing atrocities on poor animals to show their strength. It made friendship with power hungry animals like bear, vultures, crocodiles which couldn’t make any mark it election. The agenda was very clear the foxes wanted to rule the jungle. Some animals dismissed the idea by saying it was cunning specie and did not fit to rule. While some animals thought, it might be given a chance.

The government was silent on fake power shown by foxes on weak animals, addition of foreign animals, cunning techniques to derail administration. A wolf pack which was closely watching these developments, came to conclusion everything couldn’t be relied on the government, we should also take some action. The wolf pack was always concerned about the jungle. The wolves were one of the major reasons the jungle was peaceful.

The wolf pack started exposing the lies and cunning techniques of foxes. Every time the skulk tried to create chaos in the jungle and administration the wolf pack gave a ruthless answer. The foxes couldn’t attack the wolves. Though the skulk outnumbered the wolves it was insecure and lacked confidence. It also worried the attack on the wolves might derive larger attention and all jungle animals might stand by wolves. Foxes couldn’t afford to weaken the planned unholy foundation laid for a long time. Finally it decided to do what it does best, cheat. Because of its number it had representation in administration. Using its administrative links it started lying in newspapers that wolf pack is trying to disturb jungle peace. It used its power over newspapers which didn’t agree. The crocodiles cried over these issue and the vultures flew all over the jungle spreading the false message.

This didn’t deter the wolf pack. It kept doing its job towards the jungle selflessly. Soon the wolf pack started finding support from young cubs, babies, calves, joey, pups, infants, colts and so on. The young generation of the jungle had great ideologies and wanted their jungle to be greatest. They couldn’t tolerate the cunning foxes. The wolf pack voice had reached more than the wicked foxes, crocodile and vulture cries. It had greater impact than fox administration controlled jungle media.

Now the skulk was very much worried and decided to call Jungle Rajya Sabha. In the Jungle Rajya Sabha the foxes planned to malign the wolf pack and blame it the government’s failure. On speaking in Jungle Rajya Sabha foxes had privilege of no need of explanation and it could reach more people. But the fox calculation was wrong again. It drew more attention but because of lies of the foxes. The young guns started showing all facts to the skulk. Crocodiles cried again and vultures flew with a message as planned. But the support of jungle folk made the wolf pack bigger and stronger. But will the other animals stop believing the foxes?

Will the government take action on the foxes? When will be the moral of the story be learnt?

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