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Biggest fake news cum communal agents of Indian journalism

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I just want to uplift the deprived class of our society by trying to change the way our democracy's system works

I don’t want to attack someone with my words, I just want to share my anguish over the hegemony of some mighty left ideologue cum anchors of so called free English media, that try to spin each issue to suit Congress, left and their narrative in the name of minorities.

I will not talk about all the fake things that they have spread using their position but I will talk about the recent two controversies which have no controversial substance at all.

1st, the recent one in which they have retweeted an ANI half quoted tweet, in which ANI doesn’t have any objection because they know about the whole quote of that tweet and the fact that it was just one sentence of a whole pitch of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas that Modi has said in that speech.

Whole UP knows that SP & BSP have always treated UP on the basis of caste and Religion. There isn’t a single neutral person who can deny this, and if someone is pointing towards this bad practice; how the hell he becomes communal for stressing equality between all and those guys who have given these favours during all their rule are seculars?

I can’t understand the scale on which neutrality towards each religion have measured in our country by these big celebrity anchors. They will never reveal their means on which they measure communism because the reality is far far away from their biased perception.

Reality is that, they themselves have become biggest communal by confusing themselves as the protector of minority and preventing them from understanding the basic fact that Minorities are no different than majority Hindus and will/should always get the same treatment under our constitution.

These communal anchors think and advocate special privileges for Muslim like not forcing them to even abolish misogynistic Triple Talaq or to modernize the teachings in Madarsas, if you ask them about this hypocrisy; they will give the same stupid argument that Muslims in our country should be given right to choose whatever they want, i.e., they can even follow some of the devious Sharia laws which prevents them from main stream.

After their suggestion of a so called communal angle in PM’s Fatehpur speech, all the Jhandabardar of sickular philosophy have come to the fore, convicted Lalu Prasad is leading the group with Modi addicted Kejri, Yechuri, Danga Didi of Bengal, Rahul Baba and many more. All of them seek Muslim votes for their hard work.

2nd instance is of PM’s satirical remark on Dr. MMS, which this communal league have found very offensive and derogatory, NDTV have a very serious discussion about this issue and they have found PM Modi as guilty and Azam Khan, Rahul Baba, Sonia ji, Lalu, Kejri, Yechuri etc., as champion of free speech.

We as citizens need to strongly condemn this hypocrisy and double standards of these so called liberal cum real communal agents of our country.

We have to give it back to them each time, whenever they do these communal thing which converts a speech of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas into a hate speech, without abusing them but shaming them for their duplicity and hatred towards the mandate of people in the name of section of some people, who doesn’t need their view and support to live harmoniously with the majority.

In the end, I will urge to all our countrymen/women to name and shame these trollers cum communal anchors whenever they try to spin the facts.

Lal Salam to these so called liberal cum comrade anchors. More power to free speech.

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I just want to uplift the deprived class of our society by trying to change the way our democracy's system works

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