Khadi vs Modi : Which Gandhi(s) are they crying for?

The nation is shocked. The nation is outraged. The nation is abuzz with yet another fascist act.

Well, Not really! But a good effort is underway to manufacture one. No, I am not talking about Mamata govt recreating a secularized Bengali language. What’s there to outrage about, out there? That’s just a natural & necessary step of political evolution for ensure votes for a healthy democracy.

This outrage is about Prime Minister Modi’s featuring in Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) calendar.

Liberal intellectuals, even those who would have had to google to find what ‘KVIC’ expands to, and may not have even known of any calendar other than Kingfisher Calendar existed – are pouring their heart out on social media and TV debates on how Gandhi has been undermined.

It is just that we mistake which Gandhi they are shedding tears for…

The same bleeding heart Gandhian’s ignored this for decades:

Things named after the Nehru-Gandhi family

And did not find anything amiss, even with this shameless attempt to usurp work done by a previous government was underway:

Congress planning to put pictures of Sonia Gandhi on National Highway

Even members of the parivaar, who never held any office of responsibility have usurped institutions:

But it is pointless to equate it with the blatant abuse of Gandhi parivaar, lest our wise men accuse me of “whataboutery”.

So let’s talk about Khadi.

PM Modi has spun revival of the Khadi single-handedly, from not just making it a personal style statement, but also repeatedly invoked the masses to adopt ‘khadi’. And what a response that appeal had? Check for yourself.

So, is his picture on KVIC calendar really misplaced?

Or is the outrage misplaced?

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