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A tale of a witless politician

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After the bifurcation of Telangana in 2014, people chose their long-term leader K. Chandrashekhar Rao or KCR as the first chief minister. Initially, KCR had pledged to steer the state towards development, whereas now the CM is busy with prodigal rituals and self-gifting. Abundant usage of Tax-payers money on personal benefit has shattered the growth prospect of Telangana.

KCR has a disgraceful practice of burdening the state-exchequer for his personal benefits; he had traveled to China on a private jet hired for Rs. 2 crore. Similarly, the chief minister has gifted himself a bullet proof Mercedes Benz bus worth Rs 5 crore. While the economy is crippling, KCR took a decision to increase his salary from Rs. 2.44 lakh to 4.21 lakh.

Few years ago Telangana region was called as “Rice Bowl of India”; today it stands as a “Graveyard for Farmers”. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 2000 farmers ended their lives since 2014. As per news reports nearly 34 farmers committed suicide in a single village in the home district of the Telangana Chief Minister due to drought-like situation.

Instead of providing monetary compensation for families of deceased farmers; KCR decided to spend a whopping Rs 15-crore on “Ayuti Maha Chandi Yagam”- a megaton ritual to clear drought-like situation in Telangana. Over 1,000 Nambudiri Brahmins from Kerala were invited to chant mantras for five-long days at a farm house in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Charter planes, Choppers and 2,000 policemen were used to successfully manage the visitors. As per published reports, most of the Telangana cabinet ministers were present at the ritual for 7 days. Opposition parties and non-governmental organizations across Telangana criticized government’s inaction towards farmers.

Despite widespread criticism, the Telangana cabinet offered golden crown worth RS-3.65 crore to please goddess Bhadrakali of Warangal. Official sources from government say, the money was drawn from the Common Good Fund of the Endowments Department. The government has also vowed to present Golden Necklace and other valuables to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala. Is pacifying “the belief” more important than saving thousands of farmer? Is KCR proving Karl Marx’s popular statement “Religion is the opium of the people”? Telangana’s voice is yet to be heard.

In the midst of cash crunch, KCR has spent Rs 36 crores of public money on his 9 acre new residence in the heart of Hyderabad. Every aspect of new house has been examined by Vaastu-experts. In fact, the CM has also appointed Suddala Sudhakar Teja as a Vaastu advisor to the government. Under the Article 51 A (h) of the Indian constitution it’s the fundamental duty of every citizen to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. Isn’t KCR officially promoting unscientific views? In fact, the chief minister has proved to be unconstitutional by promoting offerings, conducting rituals and appointing superstitious Vaastu advisers.

Failed promises

KCR had campaigned in 2014 to build two lakh double bed-roomed houses at a cost of over Rs 6.5 lakh per unit; to provide free education from Kindergarten to Post-Graduation; to extend 12% reservations quota to Muslims and ST’s; to distribute three acres of land to Dalits. Two years into his term, KCR is yet deliver his promises.

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