Learn from Liberals, don’t boycott Dangal

In November 2015, Aamir Khan made the famous “intolerance” remarks that need no recall. There was widespread outrage among normal Indians, who are not all ‘right wingers’ as the media would like to project. I was one of them, and wrote this blog to express my views. I fully supported the Snapdeal downgrade, and his removal as brand ambassador of famous brands including Tata Sky and Incredible India. I have also been highly critical of Aamir’s film, PK.

However, I went to watch Dangal, loved it, and would go once again. I keep coming across Whatsapp messages, tweets and Facebook statuses that ask people to boycott the film because, “Hey, have you forgotten what he said about his country back then?”

As far as I am concerned, I have not forgotten those remarks. If he repeats such remarks, I would once again contest them and protest against them democratically. But, what is the logic behind boycotting a progressive film that delves in some extremely pertinent issues we are facing as a society? It is also a beautiful story brought to life by some amazing performances, led by Aamir himself.

There is a difference between Aamir the person, and Aamir the actor. Don’t mistake one for the other. You do not have a personal enmity with Aamir. Fight him on issues, not as a person; certainly not unconditionally.

What can be a better example of the disastrous consequences of unconditional hatred than the case of Narendra Modi? An entire army of “Liberals” has made it its life’s mission to hate this person, even if it goes against the interest of its nation (read here). They see every move, every policy, every intent of his through this prism of unconditional hatred. Nobody gains anything out of it, and national interest loses out in the end. It is important to learn from this real life analogy (Why My Vote Will Go To Modi), and not fall in the trap of myopia and faux nationalism.

If love for the nation is what made you outrage against Aamir in November 2015, buy a ticket today and watch Dangal for that same love. Because, no nation can develop and evolve if it does not recognize, nurture, reward, and value its artistes, intelligentsia, sportspersons, and the likes for their good work. Besides that, it is not just Aamir’s film; there are other actors, and hundreds of people who are associated with the film. Their efforts needs to be applauded – in the interest of the nation.

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