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Feminism is my pride, not a blot on my character!

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The Oxford Dictionary defines “Feminism” as “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”, which in simple words means, supporting women’s rights for absolute gender equality in the society.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by liberal minded people who appreciate gender equality. But unfortunately there is still a scope in this world for a question like ‘Are you a feminist?’ I am confused about whether I should laugh at the stupidity of people using a word that they do not fully understand as a ready-made argument or be angry at the fact that they have used pro-equality ideology as a taint which we need to get rid of.

As if we are not already humiliated for being women, we are now being shamed for asking equal rights. Real progress! Every time I have an argument which concerns oppression of women I’m mocked by saying, “Arre yeh to feminist hai!” Now, what I fail to understand is why am I time and again abused and insulted for being a “feminist type”?

What’s wrong with being a feminist? How has it become a blot on my character? How has the vernacular translation of “feminist ” become a cuss word of the worst kind? Just because people have derived their own definitions for this word and because a lot many times this word has been misused by so called “liberal activists” for personal gains, does it mean the society will start justifying anti feminism! Shouldn’t gender equality come naturally to us? If a woman misuses eve teasing law, will we justify eve teasing?

If a women misuses dowry law, will we start appreciating this crass ritual from tomorrow? Then why this hatred for Feminists? If you dislike The Modern Feminist Movement (I’m not a fan either!) why not just oppose the ideas intellectually instead of humiliating every person who speaks up for women rights.

For all those briliantly stupid people let me say it in simple words. Don’t confuse FEMI-NAAZIS with true feminists! I don’t appreciate a man hitting a woman, but I will also never support a woman hitting a man as an act of aggression.

I judge a man speaking cuss words as much as I judge a woman using foul language.
I don’t ask for a ‘Ladies First” treatment. I ask for a “Ladies AND Gentlemen” treatment.
I will protest against a woman misusing a rape charge and I will also stand in every anti-sexual harassment protest.

Because what is wrong is wrong. Human is human.
I appreciate every chivalrous woman and every delicate man.
Yes! I am a PROUD FEMINIST and you’re a fool if you’re NOT.

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