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Unable to face defamation suit from Zakir Naik, Arnab Goswami has embraced Islam; to replace loudspeakers in mosques

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Irritating. Irreligious. Opportunist. Group of Atoms. Hypocrite. Selfish.
Arnab seen here memorising Holy verses from Zakir naik's Peace app.
(Exclusive Image) Arnab is seen here memorizing Call to Prayer verses from Zakir naik’s Peace app.

Mumbai: Arnab Goswami has walked out of his den. The fire spewing, ricocheting chamber of TimesNow studio will no more hear the roar of its lion. While he has revealed that he has other plans, reports coming from various sources has revealed a shocking reason behind his exit – that he had converted to Islam.

If one could remember what transpired a few weeks back, Arnab Goswami came down on Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik, after allegations that the latter influenced many Indians to join ISIS. Arnab Goswami single-handedly dismantled the (2+2=4) castles that Peace TV celebrity Zakir Naik had built over all his lifetime. The erstwhile Doctor had to face the wrath of lenient Indian Police then.

Following this, Zakir Naik had filed defamation on Arnab Goswami. Things were going fine until Arnab resigned from Times Now last week. While there were speculations about his next venture, our sources have unveiled shocking reasons behind this strange exit. As per reports, Arnab Goswami had converted to Islam a week back.

A source very close to Arnab Goswami’s neighbor revealed the startling info, “After the Zakir Naik episode, Arnab Goswami had been spending more time on his laptop, going through countless videos of the preacher. Hypnotized by the speeches of Zakir, Arnab had started doing prayers in his bedroom in a secretive manner, although this had been noted by his sweeper. Then came the defamation suit from Zakir Naik. Arnab had to pay 500 Crore Rupees to Zakir and he clearly did not have much money. Arnab then had several Skype calls with Zakir, wherein he had tried to convince the preacher to withdraw the case. Zakir was adamant until Arnab started reciting certain sacred verses in Arabic to him.”

Wife of that source then pitched in an info, “Our milkman once said that he saw Arnab come out of nearby mosque one midnight, with the skullcap. It was then later spoken in the market near the mosque that he had converted to Islam. His maid said to us that Arnab told his wife that he had to convert to Islam to escape Zakir’s lawsuit. We feel that his exit from TimesNow and even journalism was to perform his religious duties, as demanded by Zakir Naik.”

An Expert on religious conversion revealed that Arnab had it coming, ever since his birth. “The name Arnab has the word Arab in it. So, he can be more Arab than the Pakistanis whom he had roasted in his shows.”

A friend and confidante of Arnab affirmed our suspicions and further said that “There have been talks about the decision by mosques across the city to remove loudspeakers and replace them with Arnab. He would be a muezzin and sitting at minaret of the central mosque, his call for Azan (prayer) can be heard till Bangladesh. Zakir Naik has taken away two plus two mangoes with a single stone – he has won the unbeatable Arnab, solved the loudspeaker issue, brought Sanjay Jha out of his closet and also has finished ticking all items of his ‘To-do’ list for India.”

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Irritating. Irreligious. Opportunist. Group of Atoms. Hypocrite. Selfish.
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