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Three perspectives of demonetization: Economy, Common man and Opposition

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The ‘Aam Aadmi’ has endorsed Modi’s demonetization decision. The Aam Aadmi’s confidence and trust in Modi is due to the fact that the Aam Aadmi  realizes, “in the long run he will live”.

This is contrary to what Keynes and MMS would like us to believe. The realization that “in the short  run we will be dead” is what drives Kejriwal, Yechury, Mamata , Mayawati and the Congress scamsters to indulge in hooliganism inside and outside Parliament. It is sickening to hear their fake concern for the poor; their parrot like repetition of questioning Modi about “Acche Din”, “15 lakhs in each account” etc, etc. They rely on the false media reports about BJP men being aware of demonetization in advance. They link every death on the street to demonetization. The entire opposition has turned out to be a bunch of jokers and circus clowns. Small mercy that the deaths of Balamurali, MGK Menon and Padgoankar have not been linked to demonetization.

The Aam Aadmi eagerly waits for the day to see the likes of Kejri, Mayawati, Mamata etc, falling unconscious while lining up in front of Banks. That will bring real happiness and succour to generations of Indians who have been deprived of a decent life and livelihood. It would matter little to the Aam Aadmi as to how many lakh crores of black money was burnt, buried or trashed.

When Ramachandra Guha–the chronicler of the Congress dynasty—insists that the INC should die, one can well imagine the state of affairs vis avis popular sentiments. Chidu, Dig Vijay and Kapil Sibal  going around in circles mouthing inanities  indicates that the INC and the parties that support it are running out of ideas.

To borrow from Keynes and Guha  “All these political parties and entities who indulged in organized loot and legalized plunder must die”. Whether they die in the short run or in the long run is a choice best left to these looters and plunderers.

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