India Today and Dainik Bhaskar – what are they hiding?

I came across a new story from India Today here stating the MP cops thrashed the Soldier who protested against a man pushed into the queue for cash withdrawal (the original Video used by is also on YouTube).

India Today report

Pic-1 Reported by India Today

Now for those who saw both videos, it might have occurred that India Today has highlighted the event occurrence by using some Video overlay effects. So these effects were added to highlight the event and keep the users focus on the event and not the surroundings?

Dainik Bhaskar report

Pic-2 As Reported by Dainik Bhaskar

By now, almost all the mainstream media has lost its credibility and everyone is having a suspicious eye to everything. A little research shows it all.

  1. The effect added severely degrades the ability to look at anything other than what India Today wants to show us.
  2. A few minutes struggle to get hands on the original video (watermarked by “dainik bhaskar” and available on the YouTube link shared above).
  3. Having a look at the original video, few more questions arise
    1. The news report states “Muraila” as the location of the event
    2. The SBI Board on the top does not reflect the branch name/location as it is purposely blurred out. Are they hiding something?
    3. One more thing that is prominently visible in Original Video is that there are consistent horizontal  sharp lines next to every moving object, indicating the video was definitely altered with.
    4. And the best part, I could not find dainik-bhaskar’s report on the same issue on their site’s MP page in any of the today’s news. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here)

All these facts from Dainik Bhaskar not reporting the story to India Today using Video effects leads one to think, “What are they Hiding?

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