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Kejriwal’s Swaraj – A Stolen Book?

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Kejriwal's Swaraj

Though a lot of unbelievable Kejriwal stories have broken over the last four years, whether they’ve really served to humble Delhi and the rest of the country about who he has turned into, is buried uncomfortably in the future.

One of the stories that also indicates Kejriwal’s questionable ethics, like the many others, seem to have died an untimely death.

The story is small, but the act, hugely unbecoming of any public personality, more so, for somebody like Kejriwal, who established a new regime of hope for the country by his hosannas on cleansing India of corruption.

The story is about a book Kejriwal published in July 2012. “Swaraj” is listed on Amazon as well as Kejriwal’s book.

Earlier, in February 2012, a lowly school master had shared a copy with Kejriwal of his own book on the Indian system as it works (or fails!) in villages. The book was called “Bhartiya Rajya Vyavastha”.


Like everybody in the country then, the school master Ajay Pal Nagar too thought Anna and Kejri were harbingers of change, and sharing a book on corruption with Kejriwal seemed the best idea.

In November 2012, a Delhi-based friend of Ajay, who also had read Ajay’s book, told him how the content of Kejriwal’s book matched so exactly with his own.

Stunned, Ajay read Swaraj hoping to at least see his name mentioned in credits or somewhere by Kejriwal. Alas, Swaraj carried no acknowledgements for Ajay Pal. He has started his fight.


Does Kejriwal’s 150 page book Swaraj qualify as an act of plagiarism – copied from Ajay Pal’s 300-page work? Or there’s some link missing in this story? What is the truth behind this?

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