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Open Letter to PM Modi on Uri Attacks

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Subrat Saurabh
Subrat Saurabh
Author of Best Seller Book "Kuch Woh Pal" | Engineer | Writer | Traveller | Social Media Observer | Twitter - @ChickenBiryanii

Dear Narendra Modi,

Before anyone gets me wrong, Let me clarify that I am your huge supporter & voted for BJP in 2014.

I have few questions in my mind which are giving me sleepless nights since Uri Attack. Today, I heard your speech in Kerala & thought of sharing this with you because my faith in you is still intact.

What is the Lesson Learnt from Gurdaspur attack and Pathankot attack?

For any kind of National emergencies like Flood, Earthquake & even for incidents like Fire breakout, we normally have a disaster recovery plan. We know, what all steps need to be taken,who is responsible to execute those steps & in which sequence.

We were not ready for attack like 26/11 but immediately after that we formed NIA. Surely, We have a plan to handle such situation now and that’s why such incidents didn’t happen. Proud of NIA.

What did we learn from Pathankot & Gurdaspur attack? I have read so many options floating on internet to take strong steps against Pakistan.
1. Declare war.
2. Break Indus water Treaty.
3. Strong response in UN.
4. Send back the Pakistani Ambassdor.
5. Break Trade Relationship.
6. Stop Amritsar-Lahore Bus.
7. Stop Samjhauta Express.
8. Send back Pakistani Artist & Cancel VISA.

You must be having many more options other than above mentioned and you must be exploring it.

My only question is what ever action we are going to take, why is it taking so much time to execute. This is time to execute the options and not to explore . May be some friends will say that why am i so sure that we are still exploring the options. My answer to them is “If not, then why are we not executing it”.

And if we have executed some options which cannot be declared in open forum then I hope there won’t be any more attacks. Pakistan must have learnt the lesson.

And if we have not executed any options than is it so tough to Ban Bus & Rail Services? so tough to break the treaty? They can send terrorists and we cant even send their artists immediately? So tough to break trade relationship? Etc.

Hope, we have learnt from Uri Attacks and ensure that Pakistan will never, NEVER EVER dare to send terrorists to India.

S. Saurabh

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Subrat Saurabh
Subrat Saurabh
Author of Best Seller Book "Kuch Woh Pal" | Engineer | Writer | Traveller | Social Media Observer | Twitter - @ChickenBiryanii
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