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Abusive AAP supporter and friend of Kejriwal threatens people by flaunting “big leaders” followers

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is a known abuser. He calls ordinary policemen “Thullas”. He even calls the Prime Minister of India a “coward” and a “psychopath”. Kejriwal also is famous for issuing threats to people. Everyone knows how he threatened to jail media. If the leader is like this, the followers will also obviously follow the same path.

Meet AAP fan Navendu Singh. He is a fan of Arvind Kejriwal and has met him personally.


He frequently posts pro-AAP tweets. And he is followed by AAP leaders like Dilip K Pandey, Kapil Mishra, Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi etc

"Big leaders"
“Big leaders”

He is also an abusive twitter user. In the past he has been seen using obscene language with girls. Although this has been claimed to be playful chats.

Playful chat

Now he has gone one step further. He has now started abusing and threatening social media users. To make his threats effective, he flaunts the big leaders of AAP who follow him. See his language where he claims the patronage of “big leaders” following him:

Big Leaders
Big Leaders

Not only does he openly flaunt his followers who are “big leaders”, he also claims why he shouldn’t flaunt their influence. Is this a new age goondaism by AAP volunteers? Do the “big leaders” who follow this person support such behaviour? If people who are followed by Modi can be questioned for abuse, can we question AAP leaders for a user who they follow and later flaunts their influence?

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