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Indian right wingers on the social media are turning into double edged swords

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I write about Governance, Policy, Elections and other contemporary issues.

I have been watching since 2014 that many right wingers, Hindu nationalists and BJP/RSS/VHP/BJP supporters keep fighting day and night for trivial issues and they sideline the ideological base which they boast about. I wanted to write a small piece on this for a long time.

There is a big section of right wingers which ceaselessly involves itself into abusing, accusing and verbally attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with it. This section of the so-called right wingers aren’t loyal towards any ’cause’. Their stand depends on the stand taken by other people. In fact, if I say that many of them have ‘no’ stand, I wouldn’t be very wrong. There are many times when these so called right-wingers inflate issues without any ideological reasons and then drive it with emotional involvements. When it comes to choose between their leader and their cause, most of them stand for the leader and ditch the cause. This section of highly volatile confused right wingers are nothing less than a ‘Double Edge Sword’.

A group of people without any ideological support is deadlier than enemies. It is very easy to confuse and digress these these people. Just observe when a small group of journalists or writers systematically attack their beloved leaders on petty issue. You will see the energy flow of these RWs which is wasted in trolling and abusing. This soon explodes into thousands of RWs joining the troll army, abusing the journalist/writer by completely forgetting the reason of outrage and giving huge publicity.

It is very easy to subvert the right wing unity by manipulating statements given by one Right Wing leader as a tool against his competing Right Wing leaders. For Eg, from the Modi’s comment for RBI’s governor’s exit, media picked up one line from the whole 90 minutes interview and targeted S. Swamy. His supporters became uncomfortable despite knowing that any PM, if asked such question, would have reacted similarly. But interestingly, this one line over shadowed the whole 90-minute interview. This easily made Swamy supporters to abuse and troll Arun Jaitley. In reciprocation, Arun Jaitley fans abused S. Swamy and his supporters. Social media supporters of rival parties saw an opportunity. Fake handles of Jaitley and Swamy started playing around. The war of words which started between parody handles of Swamy and Jaitley soon turned out to be an open war between Swamy and Jaitley’s original supporters. Question is — who lost and who won? I guess you’re wise enough to judge. That’s how the opposition, with their existing ecosystem, nullified the interview given by PM. BJP has no solutions for this crisis. Their supporters are fighting among themselves. Many RW celebrities say that social media decides narrative of people, but unfortunately they too fall in the smart trap created by MSM and deviate to senseless discussions. My question to them is — by giving air to these irrelevant issues, aren’t you going to harm all your the work of 2014 in 2019?

Who’ll get the benefit the most from these internal fights of BJP supporters? Of course, the opposition parties. Social Media played a game changing role in 2014 elections, causing Congress it’s worst ever defeat after Independence. Congress realized the role of Social Media in narrative setting. It has realized how to dilute the impact of positive news and  drag discourses to negativity. We have been seeing this. If Right Wingers don’t learn the art of ignorance, if Right Wingers don’t learn to prioritize ideology over leaders, If Right Winger don’t learn to stay away from systematic provocations, they will lose whatever they gained in 2014.

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I write about Governance, Policy, Elections and other contemporary issues.
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