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An Open Letter to Aakar Patel

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As per Aakar Patel’s article of 12th June instant in The Times of India, Hindutva parties (Read BJP) have only three agenda- Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Uniform Civil Code and withdrawal of Article 370 from J&K and all three agenda are negative. In fact he describes Hindutva itself as negative. Let us examine.

  1. Ram Temple- The one man jury of Aakar Patel says the land belongs to Muslims. Same thing was written by many ‘eminent’ historians though they failed toargue this in the Allahabad High Court. Some of them had not even visited Ayodhya, may be Patel has. He should have provided the evidences to the Court , if he did not, he can still make them public if he has any. In his words a court case for reclaiming your property by a Hindu is negative but not on the part of other religions.
  1. Universal Civil Code- This in enshrined in our Constitution. JL Nehru had promised to the Parliament that he will bring Muslims under such a law. This law will instantly bring justice and equality to millions of Muslim women. But it is negative because it is asked for by a Hindu Party. As per this logic most countries, including USA are having negative and religious agenda. And, countries having different laws for different religions exude positivity.
  2. Article 370 – Patel believes demand to bring the entire country under one constitution, too is negative. Though it is felt that removal of this article will ensure faster economic growth of J&K.

He also has mentions beef ban. This ban is in place since progressive, liberal and secular Nehru’s time. Now, when BJP is in power he suddenly finds it negative for the reasons best known to him.

Patel also wants Hindus to fix quotas for Dalits and Adivasis. Next, he may ask Hindus to be large hearted and allow Muslims and Christians job quota well above their proportions? His progressive mind thinks that only quotas can improve peoples’ lives. Though we know that even after more than half of a century of having quotas, we find that only a handful have benefited from them. Besides, why should Corporates compromise on talent to please Aakar Patel?  It is like the ideology of the leftists- to help a few keep a large number of people unemployed. No big business house will invest in India if such reservation laws are enacted.

Patel also wants Savarnas to marry in lower castes. But such marriages happen naturally and not to set examples. Marriage is not short-lived affair in India. Inter-caste and inter-religion marriages are on the rise already. Hope, he will personally set an example when a situation comes.

Next in the wish list is that Hindus should pay taxes honestly (others can be dishonest). But tax planning is legal and tax evasion is not religion or geography specific. Hope, he is not amongst those who get upset when foreign funded NGOs are asked to file their accounts, after all, most NGOs are being run by Hindus.

He also says Hindus are spending less on philanthropy these days without backing up the claim with any data. Whenever, there is a natural calamity, all- including Hindus come out to support generously.


Patel says Hindutva itself is negative without advancing any arguments in support of this claim. Perhaps, he is not aware of the glorious past of this ancient land nor does he know that people of different faiths were allowed to live here peacefully and even practice their religions.

Basically, this man’s only problem is that he does not want a government at the centre whose DNA is not anti- Hindu. Only he can answer why? His views are shared by many of our ‘liberal’ Hindus who only find faults with Hindutva and never have any issue with some other religion.

Whatever Patel’s views, he has cleared mine about him.

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