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Why Mr. Modi is still the best bet

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If you are among those people who genuinely mock the government for not giving their some 15 lacs, then my recommendation is not to read further, because this is not exactly your cup of tea.

I believe, the burden posed by ideological hooliganism of BJP’s subsidiaries is far outweighed by Mr. Modi & co’s comprehensive development centered agenda for tenacious growth of the country, which is why, many people like me are willing to endure the undesirable state of affairs for a longer while, if need be.

Fixing India is a humongous task, and will take several decades, forget about some years, so don’t get impatient, don’t get tricked by the now strong anti-government narrative (which means you knowingly or unknowingly stand against the ambition of the country), which was cleverly manufactured by the anti-Modi elements. Remember, if there was a misadventure of forcing “Bharat mata ki jai” down the throat of everyone, growing intolerance (can be debated if it was real or just perceived), beef controversy etc, then there is also a sincere, continuous and measurable effort towards Swachh Bharat mission, DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting program), Digital India, Jan Dhan Yojna, Make in India etc. Some of these schemes have been lauded by renowned media and finance agencies across the world,for example Moody’s, world bank, CII.

For the ostensible love affair with “Poor” and “downtrodden”, previous governments had ignored the aspirations of the vast middle class. It’s relieving to see that the present government has acknowledged this, and has assigned itself the uphill task of overhauling infrastructure and facilities, which directly impacts the lives of middle class. The recent Gatiman express is a token of government’s sincerity in that direction. If we talk about the transport and highways area, the best pace at which roads were constructed in India had been recorded at 15 km a day in 2012, this government has accelerated that figure, and now 20 km of roads is being constructed a day, so that’s definitely an impressive start.

We are living in a fool’s paradise if we are asking for a perfect political party in an imperfect world, so let’s stop assessing the real work from within a purist framework ( which unfortunately is only aimed towards savoring some extremely immaterial emotions like perfectionism, socialism, absolute freedom etc.), and we shall be able to appreciate small but substantial steps of progress!

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