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How an inadvertent mention in an AAP Govt Advt let out an open secret !

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With a threatening message to the private schools of Delhi, the AAP govt gave out a full page advertisement in newspapers in multiple cities in India . What could have been put aside as the routine activity of the publicity hungry AAP govt, a section of the right wing on twitter got excited by the advertisement. Afterall, it brings out in the open a very closely guarded secret by the Congress, the BJP and the media.
The advt for the first time talks about what section of schools will be impacted by the rules. Previously, whenever RTE  or related rules were mentioned in the media, “all schools” was mentioned. The fact that only one section of the schools was goverened by these rules was left out to the knowledge of the enforcers of the law, and the public at large where largely made to believe that these apply to all.
The advt copy is given below.
It clearly says “Private schools (except minority schools)”, which is a break from the traditional way of not mentioning this exception publicly. Even the media follows this guideline religiously (pun intended).
But the point here is very simple. People need to know that there are some rules, related to how a school is run, how it admits students, what fees it charges, how it hires teachers etc, and minority schools are exempt from those rules. And people  need to know that minority schools do not mean madarssas. Minority schools are very much regular schools which are run by people from minority community.
Here are some reactions on twitter:

So, thank you Arvind Kejriwal. You inadvertently triggered off something which will definitely help spread awareness in the people about this.

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